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Gender: Female

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Dim Sighted

Pronunciation: suh-seel-ee-uh, /səˈsil.i.ə/, S IH S IY L Y AH

Popularity Rank: #335

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Cecilia Meaning

The name Cecilia is of Latin origin and means 'blind' or 'dim-sighted'. It is also associated with the patron saint of music and musicians. The name has a rich history and is a popular choice for baby girls.

Cecilia also means "Dim Sighted, The Way for the Blind, Sixth, Blind One".

Cecilia is commonly found in Chile, Italy, Colombia, and 88 more countries.

Cecilia Pronunciation Guide

Phonetic Pronunciation: suh-seel-ee-uh

IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet): /səˈsil.i.ə/

ARPAbet phonetic pronunciation: S IH S IY L Y AH

S: Pronounce as in "sit" (S IH T)

IH: Pronounce as in "sit" (S IH T)

S: Pronounce as in "sit" (S IH T)

IY: Pronounce as in "see" (S IY)

L: Pronounce as in "let" (L EH T)

Y: Pronounce as in "yes" (Y EH S)

AH: Pronounce as in "but" (B AH T)

This pronunciation guide uses the ARPABET system, a phonetic notation developed by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) for speech recognition systems. Each ARPABET symbol corresponds to a distinct sound in English. For example, 'JH' represents the sound as in 'joke,' 'AA' represents the sound as in 'father,' and 'N' represents the sound as in 'no.'

The pronunciation guide was generated using the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary, a public domain resource for phonetic pronunciations of words.

How to pronounce Cecilia?

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    English (UK)
  • Spanish (Spain)
    Spanish (Spain)
  • French (France)
    French (France)
  • German (Germany)
    German (Germany)
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
    Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Italian (Italy)
    Italian (Italy)
  • Dutch (Netherlands)
    Dutch (Netherlands)
  • Russian (Russia)
    Russian (Russia)
  • Arabic
  • English (India)
    English (India)
  • Hindi (India)
    Hindi (India)

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How Cecilia is Pronounced in Different Languages?

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Cecilia Translations in other languages

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Cecilia Name Popularity

At NamesLook, the name Cecilia is recorded 154,217 times globally, ranking it as the 335th most common name worldwide.

Cecilia is most prevalent in Chile, with 22,488 occurrences, making it the 50th most popular name in the country.

In Chile, the name Cecilia is found among 1 in every 26 people, showcasing its highest frequency there.

Cecilia Popularity by Country

Sort By
Chile#501 : 26
Italy#2771 : 57
Colombia#1441 : 67
Mexico#1441 : 57
United States of America#3681 : 115
Peru#1261 : 100
Spain#3271 : 124
Argentina#831 : 43
Uruguay#561 : 26
South Africa#5171 : 601
Sweden#491 : 27
France#8881 : 430
Bolivia#1931 : 127
Nigeria#5491 : 452
Costa Rica#1051 : 63
Brazil#5571 : 393
Hong Kong#2871 : 292
Malaysia#1,0351 : 1,524
Panama#1751 : 175
Ghana#1461 : 155
Singapore#3421 : 509
United Kingdom#1,1071 : 517
Portugal#2631 : 155
Canada#5501 : 349
Guatemala#3751 : 316
Ecuador#1011 : 121
Netherlands#1,4821 : 800
Saudi Arabia#7,8121 : 9,182
Switzerland#8251 : 631
China#3231 : 504
Philippines#4381 : 840
Germany#1,9791 : 1,333
Finland#5781 : 434
Namibia#1381 : 503
Belgium#1,6291 : 1,137
Macao#1961 : 471
Mauritius#4811 : 573
Cameroon#1,2051 : 2,083
Denmark#3991 : 427
Kuwait#2,2681 : 3,391
United Arab Emirates#4,2801 : 5,888
Ireland#9491 : 592
Angola#2971 : 1,596
Oman#4,7361 : 5,940
Japan#6071 : 902
Taiwan#6761 : 2,334
Qatar#3,3161 : 5,218
Norway#6601 : 885
Botswana#3601 : 976
Israel#4,8211 : 3,723
Bahrain#2,4401 : 4,283
Austria#1,7521 : 1,806
Palestine#5,8861 : 5,627
Egypt#31,0351 : 45,880
Puerto Rico#4111 : 588
Lebanon#3,7971 : 4,855
Algeria#18,4431 : 35,012
Luxembourg#7211 : 955
Hungary#8471 : 1,503
India#14,2071 : 29,127
Malta#5741 : 767
Indonesia#6641 : 1,742
Brunei Darussalam#1,1081 : 3,601
Morocco#25,9421 : 45,783
Greece#2,9511 : 4,158

List of countries the name Cecilia is rarely found

Cecilia popularity in U.S.


This chart displays the ranking of the name Cecilia from 1980 to 2023, based on the most recent data from the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Famous People with Name Cecilia

  • Cecilia (Norwegian singer)
    Cecilia (Norwegian singer) is a Singer from Norway.
  • Cecilia (Spanish singer)
    Cecilia (Spanish singer) is a Singer from Spain.
  • Cecilia (royal mistress)
    Cecilia (royal mistress) is a Queen from Denmark.
  • Cecilia Abena Dapaah is a Politician from Ghana.
  • Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
    Cecilia Aguiar-Curry is a Politician from US.
  • Cecilia Alacán
    Cecilia Alacán is a Judo from Cuba.
  • Cecilia Aldobrandeschi is a Erede.
  • Cecilia Alegría Varona
    Cecilia Alegría Varona is a Journalist from US.
  • Cecilia Altonaga is a Lawyer from US.
  • Cecilia Alvarez is a Painter from US.
  • Cecilia Alvear is a Journalist from US.
  • Cecilia Amenábar
    Cecilia Amenábar is a Actor from Chile.
  • Cecilia Andersson is a Hockey from Sweden.
  • Cecilia Andrén-Nyström
    Cecilia Andrén-Nyström is a Grundare from Mozambique.
  • Cecilia Anim is a Grundare from Ghana.
  • Cecilia Ansaldo is a Writer from Ecuador.
  • Cecilia Argüelles
    Cecilia Argüelles is a Actor from US.
  • Cecilia Arizti is a Composer from Cuba.
  • Cecilia Atán
    Cecilia Atán is a Screenwriter from Argentina.
  • Cecilia Bachér
    Cecilia Bachér is a Painter from Sweden.
  • Cecilia Baena is a Skater from Colombia.
  • Cecilia Bannerman is a Politician from Ghana.
  • Cecilia Baring is a Nobildonna from United Kingdom.
  • Cecilia Barraza is a Singer from Peru.
  • Cecilia Barriga is a Film from Spain.
  • Cecilia Bartoli is a Singer from Italy.
  • Cecilia Bartolomé
    Cecilia Bartolomé is a Film from Spain.
  • Cecilia Beaux is a Painter from US.
  • Cecilia Bellido is a Presenter from Argentina.
  • Cecilia Benítez
    Cecilia Benítez is a Artist from Ecuador.
  • Cecilia Berdichevski is a Scientist from Argentina.
  • Cecilia Bergqvist is a Actor from Sweden.
  • Cecilia Berkovic is a Artist from Canada.
  • Cecilia Biagioli is a Swimmer from Argentina.
  • Cecilia Blanco is a Judo from Spain.
  • Cecilia Blomqvist is a Deacon from Finland.
  • Cecilia Blondet is a Politician from Peru.
  • Cecilia Bobrovskaya is a Politician from Russia.
  • Cecilia Bodström
    Cecilia Bodström is a Journalist from Sweden.
  • Cecilia Bojanic is a Politician from Chile.
  • Cecilia Boldemann is a Vetenskap from Sweden.
  • Cecilia Bolocco is a Presenter from Chile.
  • Cecilia Bonelli is a Journalist from Argentina.
  • Cecilia Bottino is a Politician from Uruguay.
  • Cecilia Bouzat is a Neuroscientist from Argentina.
  • Cecilia Bracamonte is a Singer from Peru.
  • Cecilia Braslavsky is a Education from Argentina.
  • Cecilia Brinck is a Politician from Sweden.
  • Cecilia Brozovich is a Presenter from Peru.
  • Cecilia Bruce is a Writer from Sweden.

📰 Latest News about Cecilia

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Last Updated: July 11, 2024 01:17 PM (GMT + 5.30)

  • Cecilia Ann Iacono Obituary - San Pedro, CA (1934-2024) - Daily Breeze
    Source: Daily Breeze | Published on: July 10, 2024
  • Cecilia Wachtmeister takes over as new CEO of IAR - presseagentur.com
    Source: presseagentur.com | Published on: July 10, 2024
  • ‘Now’ is where singer Cecilia Krull wants to be - Hurriyet Daily News
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  • See Who's Bringing Cecilia Gentili’s Red Ink Off-Broadway - Playbill
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  • Peppermint, Angelica Ross, and Jes Tom to Star in Cecilia Gentili’s Red Ink Off-Broadway - TheaterMania.com
    Source: TheaterMania.com | Published on: July 09, 2024
  • Britain’s BN(O) visa scheme, Hong Kong’s Cecilia Cheung: 5 weekend reads - South China Morning Post
    Source: South China Morning Post | Published on: July 08, 2024
  • Vigil marks 5 years since Cecilia Huerta Gallegos' disappearance - FOX 29
    Source: FOX 29 | Published on: July 06, 2024
  • Dr. Cecilia Moens named Raisbeck Endowed Chair for Basic Science - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
    Source: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center | Published on: July 02, 2024
  • Cecilia Huerta Obituary - Houston, TX - Dignity Memorial
    Source: Dignity Memorial | Published on: May 13, 2024
  • Cougar Query: Cecilia Peek - BYU News
    Source: BYU News | Published on: January 28, 2024

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