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Beverford - we are rare and have an extremely weird last name. my first names Kenneth - 5 minutes ago
Haanstra - User contributed Haanstra's Origin as Dutch - 20 minutes ago
Mccurchin - User contributed Mccurchin's Origin as Guyana - 32 minutes ago
Luvano - User contributed Luvano's Origin as xhosa - 1 hour ago
Jiaoying - User contributed Jiaoying's Origin as Chinese - 1 hour ago
Ceko - User contributed Ceko's Origin as Croatia - 2 hours ago
Estriplet - User contributed Estriplet's Origin as France - 2 hours ago
Cichewicz - The name Cichewicz in an ancient name with the meaning of wisdom, leadership, honestly, devotion to humanity, and enginuity. Many people do not understand the name because it is mis-interpreted from the Latin language. The Cichewicz bloodline ruled the developmental knowledge base and is extremely knowledgeable on the building blocks of life and has held onto key skills to help sustain past, future, current day life. They bloodline sustains a hidden present to preserve itself. - 2 hours ago
Mugalu - User contributed Mugalu's Pronunciation as Mu-ga-lu - 3 hours ago
Masilotti - User contributed Masilotti's Name type as Boys Name - 3 hours ago