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Gender: Unisex

Origin: Japanese, Chinese

Meaning: Jade or rain

Pronunciation: yoo, juː, Y UW

Popularity Rank: #3,351

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Yu Meaning

This name is of Chinese origin and means 'jade' or 'rain'. In Chinese culture, jade is considered to be a symbol of beauty, purity, and goodness. It is also associated with protection and good luck.

Yu also means "Jade or rain".

Yu is commonly found in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and 86 more countries.

Yu Pronunciation Guide

Phonetic Pronunciation: yoo

IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet): juː

ARPAbet phonetic pronunciation: Y UW

Y: Pronounce as in "yes" (Y EH S)

UW: Pronounce as in "blue" (B L UW)

This pronunciation guide uses the ARPABET system, a phonetic notation developed by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) for speech recognition systems. Each ARPABET symbol corresponds to a distinct sound in English. For example, 'JH' represents the sound as in 'joke,' 'AA' represents the sound as in 'father,' and 'N' represents the sound as in 'no.'

The pronunciation guide was generated using the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary, a public domain resource for phonetic pronunciations of words.

How to pronounce Yu?

Learn how to pronounce Yu correctly by listening to our 15 audio pronunciations. Click to hear each pronunciation as many times as you need to master it.

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    English (US)
  • English (US)
    English (US)
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    English (US)
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    English (UK)
  • Spanish (Spain)
    Spanish (Spain)
  • French (France)
    French (France)
  • German (Germany)
    German (Germany)
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
    Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Italian (Italy)
    Italian (Italy)
  • Dutch (Netherlands)
    Dutch (Netherlands)
  • Russian (Russia)
    Russian (Russia)
  • Arabic
  • Mandarin Chinese
    Mandarin Chinese
  • English (India)
    English (India)
  • Hindi (India)
    Hindi (India)

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Translations of Yu

Yu Name Popularity

At NamesLook, the name Yu is recorded 18,856 times globally, ranking it as the 3,351th most common name worldwide.

Yu is most prevalent in Hong Kong, with 4,061 occurrences, making it the 78th most popular name in the country.

In China, the name Yu is found among 1 in every 103 people, showcasing its highest frequency there.

Yu Popularity by Country

Sort By
Hong Kong#781 : 104
Malaysia#4661 : 734
Singapore#1561 : 286
China#321 : 103
United States of America#2,6711 : 1,586
Taiwan#151 : 230
Japan#411 : 139
Morocco#2,0081 : 1,628
Italy#2,8021 : 1,904
France#2,6251 : 2,173
United Kingdom#1,7731 : 1,004
Canada#1,4711 : 1,025
Saudi Arabia#10,0521 : 12,307
Macao#2191 : 509
Spain#3,4921 : 3,337
Colombia#6,5211 : 7,912
Peru#3,5051 : 5,893
Turkey#5,4441 : 6,623
Germany#3,0021 : 2,351
Egypt#13,0231 : 15,092
Russia#3,3611 : 2,906
Netherlands#3,8531 : 3,035
Mexico#5,9711 : 7,384
United Arab Emirates#6,2361 : 9,130
Algeria#8,6871 : 13,859
Iraq#11,9901 : 14,143
Philippines#1,4101 : 2,997
Belgium#3,9831 : 4,185
Chile#5,7031 : 10,068
Oman#8,3251 : 11,464
Kuwait#7,1681 : 12,682
Mauritius#1,9411 : 2,748
Costa Rica#2,9271 : 3,431
Ireland#2,1761 : 2,267
Brunei Darussalam#6711 : 2,366
Switzerland#4,3081 : 5,320
Qatar#7,5891 : 13,567
South Africa#25,5161 : 71,057
Tunisia#11,0511 : 18,444
Israel#10,2571 : 12,458
Finland#2,9171 : 4,953
Bolivia#6,5601 : 14,885
India#18,0751 : 39,719
Nigeria#20,9501 : 52,712

List of countries the name Yu is rarely found

Yu popularity in U.S.


This chart displays the ranking of the name Yu from 1980 to 2023, based on the most recent data from the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Famous People with Name Yu

  • Yu (Jeffrey) Hu
    Yu (Jeffrey) Hu is a Professor from Georgia.
  • Yu Ai-wen
    Yu Ai-wen is a Sport from Taiwan.
  • Yu Aida is a Manga from Japan.
  • Yu An-shun
    Yu An-shun is a Actor from Taiwan.
  • Yu Asai is a Hockey from Japan.
  • Yu Baiwei is a Hockey from China.
  • Yu Baoxuan is a Politician from China.
  • Yu Bin (Go player)
    Yu Bin (Go player) is a Go_player from China.
  • Yu Bin (footballer)
    Yu Bin (footballer) is a Sport from China.
  • Yu Bin (painter)
    Yu Bin (painter) is a Painter from China.
  • Yu Bing is a Politician from China.
  • Yu Bo is a Actor from China.
  • Yu Byeong-heon
    Yu Byeong-heon is a Sport from South Korea.
  • Yu Chang-kwon
    Yu Chang-kwon is a Sport from South Korea.
  • Yu Changchun is a Player from China.
  • Yu Chao'en
    Yu Chao'en is a Eunuch from China.
  • Yu Chaohong is a Athletic from China.
  • Yu Chen Yueh-ying
    Yu Chen Yueh-ying is a Magistrat from China.
  • Yu Cheng-hsien
    Yu Cheng-hsien is a Politician from China.
  • Yu Cheng-yu
    Yu Cheng-yu is a Player from Taiwan.
  • Yu Chenggang is a Rower from China.
  • Yu Chenghui is a Actor from China.
  • Yu Chi-hwan
    Yu Chi-hwan is a Poet from South Korea.
  • Yu Chia-Hsuan
    Yu Chia-Hsuan is a Athletic from Taiwan.
  • Yu Chin-san
    Yu Chin-san is a Politician from South Korea.
  • Yu Ching-Hsiao
    Yu Ching-Hsiao is a Basket from China.
  • Yu Ching-tang
    Yu Ching-tang is a Politician from China.
  • Yu Chuansu is a Politician from China.
  • Yu Chui Yee is a Fencer from China.
  • Yu Chun-ok
    Yu Chun-ok is a Athletic from South Korea.
  • Yu Chunshun is a Explorer from China.
  • Yu Chunyan is a Sailor from China.
  • Yu Cong is a Rebel from China.
  • Yu Dabao is a Football from China.
  • Yu Dafu is a Writer from China.
  • Yu Dan (academic)
    Yu Dan (academic) is a Professor from China.
  • Yu Dan (sport shooter)
    Yu Dan (sport shooter) is a Sport from China.
  • Yu Daolian is a Empress from China.
  • Yu Daqing is a Lieutenant.
  • Yu Darvish is a Baseball from Japan.
  • Yu Dawei is a Player from China.
  • Yu Dayou is a Pirate from China.
  • Yu Dechao is a Academic from China.
  • Yu Delu is a Player from China.
  • Yu Di is a Emperor from China.
  • Yu Doan is a Football from Japan.
  • Yu Dong is a Film from China.
  • Yu Dong-geun
    Yu Dong-geun is a Handball from South Korea.
  • Yu Dong-ju
    Yu Dong-ju is a Weightlifter from South Korea.
  • Yu Dongyue is a Journalist from China.
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Yu Name Poster

Yu Name Poster

Names similar to Yu

Yu AoiYu DabaoYu DeluYu HasebeYu JieYu KitamuraYu NanYu ShirotaYu SinYu TakahashiYu TokuiYu WenxiaYu XinyuanYu YamadaYua

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