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Mimi Meaning, Pronunciation & Popularity

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Mimi means "I am, Pet Name for Marilyn or Miriam, Helmet, Protection, Sea of Bitterness, Strong Opponent, Rebellious, Wished-for Child, Star of the Sea, Unwavering Protector".

The name Mimi's origin is Indian.

Mimi is a Female name primarily used as a First Name.

Mimi is commonly found in Algeria, United States of America, Malaysia, and 93 more countries.

Mimi Pronunciation

Pronounce Mimi as M IY M IY.

How to say Mimi?

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  • Mimi Pronunciation in English (India)
  • Mimi Pronunciation in English (US)

How to pronounce Mimi in different languages?

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Mimi Name Popularity

At NamesLook, the name Mimi is recorded 66,374 times globally, ranking it as the 972th most common name worldwide..

Mimi is most prevalent in Algeria, with 14,550 occurrences, making it the 78th most popular name in the country.

In Algeria, the name Mimi is found among 1 in every 91 people, showcasing its highest frequency there.

List of countries the name Mimi is found

Sort By
Algeria#781 : 91
United States of America#7251 : 262
Malaysia#2601 : 498
Morocco#5211 : 293
France#1,0211 : 532
South Africa#8801 : 965
Egypt#1,6141 : 951
Italy#1,0781 : 495
Saudi Arabia#1,3281 : 1,240
Mexico#7591 : 403
Nigeria#8541 : 726
Lebanon#2061 : 160
Hong Kong#3331 : 349
United Arab Emirates#7091 : 897
Spain#1,0681 : 627
United Kingdom (UK)#1,2431 : 603
Sudan#1,0751 : 1,659
Syrian Arab Republic#1,1561 : 665
Germany#9191 : 473
Netherlands#1,1131 : 548
Canada#7911 : 516
Kuwait#5811 : 944
Singapore#6141 : 900
Colombia#2,4891 : 2,274
Peru#1,5281 : 1,811
Belgium#9871 : 557
Oman#1,1091 : 1,269
Tunisia#1,4631 : 1,248
Israel#1,5881 : 757
Argentina#6931 : 528
Chile#1,3711 : 1,523
Guatemala#6351 : 566
Taiwan (Province of China)#1371 : 588
Bangladesh#1,3281 : 1,462
Portugal#5731 : 481
Iraq#4,4821 : 3,969
Palestine, State of#1,7981 : 1,081
Bulgaria#2631 : 160
Libya#1,5131 : 2,188
Qatar#1,0431 : 1,666
India#2,9071 : 3,849
Switzerland#1,0831 : 891
Mauritius#5041 : 602
Bahrain#7681 : 1,371
Cameroon#1,2381 : 2,168
Philippines#6551 : 1,239
Ghana#6791 : 1,006
Austria#7501 : 623
Yemen#2,3161 : 3,712
Brazil#4,1621 : 5,340
Macao#3241 : 718
Turkey#5,7231 : 7,071
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)#1,9871 : 2,445
Sweden#8951 : 772
Jordan#2,4051 : 2,585
Panama#1,4781 : 1,788
Costa Rica#1,6031 : 1,353
Ireland#1,2921 : 999
Brunei Darussalam#1571 : 910
Russian Federation#4,9231 : 4,623
Greece#9551 : 1,064
Finland#1,2221 : 1,398
Denmark#8371 : 1,125
Albania#1,0961 : 867
Japan#8811 : 1,340
Angola#6721 : 3,550
Uruguay#1,5461 : 1,800
Iran (Islamic Republic of)#3,2001 : 2,929
China#1,0281 : 2,555
Botswana#6611 : 1,768
Indonesia#3461 : 964
Croatia#9691 : 831
Poland#1,3461 : 1,703
Namibia#1,1431 : 3,040
Luxembourg#6861 : 885
Norway#1,4351 : 2,414
Czechia#1,7101 : 2,313
Kazakhstan#8,2991 : 8,976
Slovenia#1,3531 : 1,331
Puerto Rico#7471 : 1,316

List of countries the name Mimi is rarely found

  • Hungary:18 occurrences
  • Serbia:17 occurrences
  • Ecuador:16 occurrences
  • Cyprus:13 occurrences
  • Malta:12 occurrences
  • Ethiopia:11 occurrences
  • Georgia:11 occurrences
  • Azerbaijan:6 occurrences
  • Jamaica:4 occurrences
  • Estonia:3 occurrences
  • Burundi:1 occurrences
  • Djibouti:1 occurrences
  • Iceland:1 occurrences
  • Lithuania:1 occurrences
  • Moldova (Republic of):1 occurrences
  • Maldives:1 occurrences

Mimi popularity in U.S.


This chart displays the ranking of the name Mimi from 1980 to 2022, based on the most recent data from the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Famous People with Name Mimi

  • Mimi (Sängerin)
    Mimi (Sängerin) is a Singer from United Kingdom.
  • Mimi Aarden
    Mimi Aarden is a Opera from Netherlands.
  • Mimi Abramovitz
    Mimi Abramovitz is a Worker from US.
  • Mimi Aguglia
    Mimi Aguglia is a Actor from Italy.
  • Mimi Alemayehou
    Mimi Alemayehou is a Business from Ethiopia.
  • Mimi Alford
    Mimi Alford is a Affair_with from US.
  • Mimi Areme
    Mimi Areme is a Beauty_pageant from Ghana.
  • Mimi Barthélémy
    Mimi Barthélémy is a Writer from Haiti.
  • Mimi Belete
    Mimi Belete is a Runner from Bahrain.
  • Mimi Belmonte
    Mimi Belmonte is a Physician from Canada.
  • Mimi Benzell
    Mimi Benzell is a Singer from US.
  • Mimi Berdal
    Mimi Berdal is a Lawyer from Norway.
  • Mimi Blais
    Mimi Blais is a Composer from Canada.
  • Mimi Boesnach
    Mimi Boesnach is a Actor from Netherlands.
  • Mimi Brănescu
    Mimi Brănescu is a Actor from Romania.
  • Mimi Cazort
    Mimi Cazort is a Writer from Canada.
  • Mimi Chakarova
    Mimi Chakarova is a Photographer from Bulgaria.
  • Mimi Chakib
    Mimi Chakib is a Actor from Egypt.
  • Mimi Chakraborty
    Mimi Chakraborty is a Actor from India.
  • Mimi Chan
    Mimi Chan is a Performer.
  • Mimi Chu
    Mimi Chu is a Actor from Malaysia.
  • Mimi Coertse
    Mimi Coertse is a Singer from South Africa.
  • Mimi Coutelier
    Mimi Coutelier is a Actor from France.
  • Mimi Dancourt
    Mimi Dancourt is a Actor from France.
  • Mimi Darwish
    Mimi Darwish is a Football from Egypt.
  • Mimi Dietrich
    Mimi Dietrich is a Author from US.
  • Mimi Eckmair-Freudenthaler
    Mimi Eckmair-Freudenthaler is a Writer from Austria.
  • Mimi El-Sherbini
    Mimi El-Sherbini is a Football from Egypt.
  • Mimi Falsen
    Mimi Falsen is a Painter from Norway.
  • Mimi Fariña
    Mimi Fariña is a Singer from US.
  • Mimi Faust
    Mimi Faust is a Television from US.
  • Mimi Fayazi
    Mimi Fayazi is a Designer.
  • Mimi Feigelsohn
    Mimi Feigelsohn is a Rabbi.
  • Mimi Fiedler
    Mimi Fiedler is a Actor from Germany.
  • Mimi Fox
    Mimi Fox is a Music from US.
  • Mimi Freedman
    Mimi Freedman is a Filmmaker from US.
  • Mimi Félixine
    Mimi Félixine is a Singer from France.
  • Mimi Gamal
    Mimi Gamal is a Actor from Egypt.
  • Mimi Gardner Gates
    Mimi Gardner Gates is a Art_historian from US.
  • Mimi Gianopulos
    Mimi Gianopulos is a Actor from US.
  • Mimi Gibson
    Mimi Gibson is a Actor from US.
  • Mimi Goese
    Mimi Goese is a Singer from US.
  • Mimi Gross
    Mimi Gross is a Painter from US.
  • Mimi Grossberg
    Mimi Grossberg is a Editor from Austria.
  • Mimi Gstöttner-Auer
    Mimi Gstöttner-Auer is a Actor from Austria.
  • Mimi Guarneri
    Mimi Guarneri is a Cardiologist from US.
  • Mimi Gurbst
    Mimi Gurbst is a Education.
  • Mimi Hafida
    Mimi Hafida is a Sculptor from Algeria.
  • Mimi Heinrich
    Mimi Heinrich is a Actor from Denmark.
  • Mimi Herbert
    Mimi Herbert is a Painter from US.

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