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Mika Meaning, Pronunciation & Popularity

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Mika means "Like God, Gift from God, Beautiful Increase, New Moon, Three Trees Together, Quick, Nimble, Lord, Intelligent Raccoon, God's Child, Little Raccoon".

The name Mika's origin is Indian.

Mika is a Unisex name primarily used as a First Name.

Mika is commonly found in Finland, France, United States of America, and 91 more countries.

Mika Pronunciation

Pronounce Mika as M IY K AH.

How to say Mika?

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  • Mika Pronunciation in English (India)
  • Mika Pronunciation in English (US)

How to pronounce Mika in different languages?

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Mika Name Popularity

At NamesLook, the name Mika is recorded 28,966 times globally, ranking it as the 2,280th most common name worldwide..

Mika is most prevalent in Finland, with 9,405 occurrences, making it the 4th most popular name in the country.

In Finland, the name Mika is found among 1 in every 13 people, showcasing its highest frequency there.

List of countries the name Mika is found

Sort By
Finland#41 : 13
France#5741 : 240
United States of America#2,3081 : 1,326
Netherlands#9831 : 466
Israel#1,0331 : 446
Germany#1,0601 : 567
Japan#461 : 145
Argentina#5551 : 368
Algeria#2,0501 : 2,294
Malaysia#2,2501 : 3,456
Kazakhstan#8951 : 382
Italy#3,1851 : 2,283
Uruguay#4411 : 234
Belgium#1,1481 : 693
Russian Federation#1,5931 : 1,094
Palestine, State of#1,5651 : 917
Brazil#2,2571 : 2,360
Mexico#2,8671 : 2,626
South Africa#4,7891 : 7,688
United Kingdom (UK)#2,7871 : 1,924
Egypt#8,2931 : 8,403
Spain#2,8191 : 2,431
Sweden#5201 : 388
Canada#2,1031 : 1,575
Hong Kong#1,4071 : 2,121
Saudi Arabia#12,5051 : 15,979
Chile#2,5541 : 3,536
Singapore#1,9961 : 3,383
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)#1,9631 : 2,394
Switzerland#1,5081 : 1,369
Philippines#9861 : 1,868
Peru#4,8091 : 9,091
Portugal#1,2151 : 1,474
United Arab Emirates#6,6361 : 9,853
Austria#1,2321 : 1,129
Poland#9171 : 861
Taiwan (Province of China)#7321 : 2,522
Luxembourg#3671 : 427
Turkey#9,8011 : 14,739
Morocco#11,0591 : 15,261
Croatia#8011 : 579
China#9901 : 2,428
Kuwait#6,1621 : 10,569
Mauritius#1,5811 : 2,159
Greece#1,4361 : 1,694
Iran (Islamic Republic of)#3,5411 : 3,417
Serbia#4151 : 412
Tunisia#7,7591 : 11,435
Nigeria#11,0091 : 23,667
India#10,7951 : 20,321
Guatemala#3,1911 : 5,370
Namibia#1,1951 : 3,189
Libya#7,8481 : 15,754
Cameroon#4,2541 : 10,950
Czechia#1,4761 : 1,898
Qatar#7,0761 : 12,496
Macao#1,5291 : 3,012
Bahrain#4,5941 : 8,566
Oman#13,8711 : 21,782
Colombia#25,6801 : 46,059
Norway#1,6791 : 2,950
Denmark#1,9661 : 3,420
Albania#2,5151 : 2,675
Lebanon#5,6701 : 8,654
Ireland#3,2641 : 4,224

List of countries the name Mika is rarely found

  • Ecuador:17 occurrences
  • Brunei Darussalam:16 occurrences
  • Costa Rica:16 occurrences
  • Malta:16 occurrences
  • Panama:16 occurrences
  • Slovenia:14 occurrences
  • Azerbaijan:13 occurrences
  • Bangladesh:13 occurrences
  • Iraq:13 occurrences
  • Botswana:11 occurrences
  • Georgia:10 occurrences
  • Cyprus:9 occurrences
  • Estonia:8 occurrences
  • Jamaica:8 occurrences
  • Jordan:6 occurrences
  • Sudan:6 occurrences
  • Bulgaria:4 occurrences
  • Hungary:4 occurrences
  • Indonesia:4 occurrences
  • Syrian Arab Republic:3 occurrences
  • Yemen:3 occurrences
  • Angola:2 occurrences
  • Ghana:2 occurrences
  • Lithuania:2 occurrences
  • Moldova (Republic of):2 occurrences
  • Maldives:2 occurrences
  • Afghanistan:1 occurrences
  • Haiti:1 occurrences
  • Turkmenistan:1 occurrences

Mika popularity in U.S.


This chart displays the ranking of the name Mika from 1980 to 2022, based on the most recent data from the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Mika Translation in other languages

  • Arabic: ميكا (فنان)
  • Bulgarian: Мика
  • Danish: Mika (sanger)
  • German: Mika (Musiker)
  • English: Mika (singer)
  • Spanish; Castilian: Mika (cantante)
  • Persian: میکا (خواننده)
  • Finnish: Mika (laulaja)
  • French: Mika (chanteur)
  • Hebrew: מיקה (זמר)
  • Indonesian: Mika (penyanyi)
  • Japanese: ミーカ
  • Georgian: მიკა (მომღერალი)
  • Korean: 미카 (가수)
  • Lithuanian: Mika (atlikėjas)
  • Polish: Mika (muzyk)
  • Portuguese: Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr.
  • Russian: Мика
  • Serbian: Мика
  • Swedish: Mika (sångare)
  • Thai: มิคา
  • Turkish: Mika (şarkıcı)
  • Ukrainian: Міка
  • Vietnamese: Mika (ca sĩ)
  • Chinese: 米卡 (歌手)

Famous People with Name Mika

  • Mika (auteur)
    Mika (auteur) is a Artist from France.
  • Mika (footballer, born 1987)
    Mika (footballer, born 1987) is a Football from Portugal.
  • Mika (footballer, born 1991)
    Mika (footballer, born 1991) is a Football from Portugal.
  • Mika (singer)
    Mika (singer) is a Singer from United Kingdom.
  • Mika Aaltonen
    Mika Aaltonen is a Football from Finland.
  • Mika Aarnikka
    Mika Aarnikka is a Sport from Finland.
  • Mika Agematsu
    Mika Agematsu is a Music from Japan.
  • Mika Ahola
    Mika Ahola is a Racer from Finland.
  • Mika Akino
    Mika Akino is a Wrestler from Japan.
  • Mika Akitaka
    Mika Akitaka is a Illustrator from Japan.
  • Mika Alatalo
    Mika Alatalo is a Hockey from Finland.
  • Mika Anjō
    Mika Anjō is a Badminton from Japan.
  • Mika Antić
    Mika Antić is a Poet from Serbia.
  • Mika Arisaka
    Mika Arisaka is a Singer from US.
  • Mika Arpiainen
    Mika Arpiainen is a Driver from Finland.
  • Mika Ben Miled
    Mika Ben Miled is a Film from Tunisia.
  • Mika Berndtsdotter Ahlén
    Mika Berndtsdotter Ahlén is a Actor from Sweden.
  • Mika Boorem
    Mika Boorem is a Actor from US.
  • Mika Borges
    Mika Borges is a Football from Portugal.
  • Mika Brzezinski
    Mika Brzezinski is a Journalist from US.
  • Mika Chunuonsee
    Mika Chunuonsee is a Football from Thailand.
  • Mika Dela Cruz
    Mika Dela Cruz is a Singer from Japan.
  • Mika Doi
    Mika Doi is a Seiyū from Japan.
  • Mika Eichenholz
    Mika Eichenholz is a Conductor from Sweden.
  • Mika Erkkilä
    Mika Erkkilä is a Hockey from Finland.
  • Mika Feldman de Etchebéhère
    Mika Feldman de Etchebéhère is a Feminist from Argentina.
  • Mika Gustafson
    Mika Gustafson is a Filmmaker from Sweden.
  • Mika Hagi
    Mika Hagi is a Model from Japan.
  • Mika Hakala
    Mika Hakala is a Athlete from Finland.
  • Mika Halvari
    Mika Halvari is a Athletic from Finland.
  • Mika Hannula
    Mika Hannula is a Hockey from Sweden.
  • Mika Haruna
    Mika Haruna is a Swimmer from Japan.
  • Mika Heinonen
    Mika Heinonen is a Badminton from Finland.
  • Mika Helin
    Mika Helin is a Football from Finland.
  • Mika Helkearo
    Mika Helkearo is a Hockey from Finland.
  • Mika Hietanen
    Mika Hietanen is a Sport from Finland.
  • Mika Hijii
    Mika Hijii is a Actor from Japan.
  • Mika Hilander
    Mika Hilander is a Football from Finland.
  • Mika Hokajärvi
    Mika Hokajärvi is a Canoe from Finland.
  • Mika Hori
    Mika Hori is a Hockey from Japan.
  • Mika Horiuchi
    Mika Horiuchi is a Music from US.
  • Mika Hoshino
    Mika Hoshino is a Sport from Japan.
  • Mika Häkkinen
    Mika Häkkinen is a Driver from Finland.
  • Mika Hämäläinen
    Mika Hämäläinen is a Sport from Finland.
  • Mika Ikeda
    Mika Ikeda is a Badminton from Japan.
  • Mika Immonen
    Mika Immonen is a Player from Finland.
  • Mika Itō
    Mika Itō is a Seiyū from Japan.
  • Mika Johansson
    Mika Johansson is a Football from Finland.
  • Mika Johnson
    Mika Johnson is a Film from US.
  • Mika Ják
    Mika Ják is a Lord from Hungary.

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