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Boris Meaning, Pronunciation & Popularity

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Boris means "Warrior, Short, Wolf, Battle".

The name Boris's origin is Indian.

Boris is a Male name primarily used as a First Name.

Boris is commonly found in France, Chile, Russian Federation, and 91 more countries.

Boris Pronunciation

Pronounce Boris as B AO R IH S.

How to say Boris?

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  • Boris Pronunciation in English (India)
  • Boris Pronunciation in English (US)

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Boris Name Popularity

At NamesLook, the name Boris is recorded 43,064 times globally, ranking it as the 1,549th most common name worldwide..

Boris is most prevalent in France, with 5,232 occurrences, making it the 590th most popular name in the country.

In Croatia, the name Boris is found among 1 in every 20 people, showcasing its highest frequency there.

List of countries the name Boris is found

Sort By
France#5901 : 249
Chile#2991 : 171
Russian Federation#3521 : 130
United States of America#1,3291 : 598
Cameroon#441 : 148
Israel#2111 : 121
Italy#1,0901 : 503
Germany#4261 : 171
Croatia#701 : 20
Palestine, State of#2641 : 204
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)#3491 : 243
Colombia#1,3351 : 989
Peru#8511 : 789
Netherlands#7221 : 314
Belgium#7091 : 364
Bulgaria#621 : 59
Spain#1,5611 : 1,060
Panama#3831 : 359
Canada#9481 : 639
Switzerland#4981 : 349
United Kingdom (UK)#1,8261 : 1,042
Hong Kong#7131 : 937
Slovenia#671 : 73
Guatemala#6501 : 581
Serbia#781 : 58
Austria#4521 : 319
Iran (Islamic Republic of)#9861 : 548
Czechia#3701 : 220
Kazakhstan#1,4201 : 699
Mexico#3,5311 : 3,589
Sweden#9791 : 879
Uruguay#1,1721 : 1,117
South Africa#11,5721 : 25,488
Argentina#1,9031 : 2,602
Ecuador#5471 : 742
Costa Rica#1,9671 : 1,851
Ireland#1,4871 : 1,256
Finland#1,3761 : 1,674
Nigeria#8,7601 : 17,571
Turkey#10,3461 : 15,855
China#9631 : 2,349
Denmark#1,0311 : 1,474
Lithuania#5431 : 376
Singapore#5,5411 : 10,865
Portugal#2,0141 : 3,034
Albania#1,5251 : 1,310
United Arab Emirates#12,3041 : 20,732
Morocco#15,6701 : 23,932
Brazil#10,2451 : 18,877
Estonia#4211 : 306
Taiwan (Province of China)#1,7901 : 5,625
Moldova (Republic of)#2311 : 196
Malaysia#22,3621 : 52,384
Poland#1,6481 : 2,322
Luxembourg#8791 : 1,210
Tunisia#11,3241 : 19,059
Algeria#23,6121 : 47,516
Mauritius#2,8381 : 4,478
Qatar#9,9611 : 18,994
Ghana#2,9501 : 7,463
Greece#2,7691 : 3,811
Macao#2,0501 : 4,518
Oman#16,5141 : 27,227
Norway#1,9171 : 3,463

List of countries the name Boris is rarely found

  • Saudi Arabia:20 occurrences
  • Malta:18 occurrences
  • Namibia:18 occurrences
  • Egypt:17 occurrences
  • Cyprus:16 occurrences
  • India:16 occurrences
  • Kuwait:16 occurrences
  • Philippines:16 occurrences
  • Georgia:14 occurrences
  • Hungary:14 occurrences
  • Jamaica:12 occurrences
  • Japan:11 occurrences
  • Bahrain:10 occurrences
  • Angola:8 occurrences
  • Turkmenistan:7 occurrences
  • Lebanon:5 occurrences
  • Azerbaijan:4 occurrences
  • Botswana:4 occurrences
  • Libya:4 occurrences
  • Burkina Faso:3 occurrences
  • Burundi:3 occurrences
  • Indonesia:3 occurrences
  • Syrian Arab Republic:3 occurrences
  • Iraq:2 occurrences
  • Puerto Rico:2 occurrences
  • Sudan:2 occurrences
  • Yemen:2 occurrences
  • Bangladesh:1 occurrences
  • Iceland:1 occurrences
  • Jordan:1 occurrences

Boris popularity in U.S.


This chart displays the ranking of the name Boris from 1980 to 2022, based on the most recent data from the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Famous People with Name Boris

  • Boris (Fürst von Polozk)
    Boris (Fürst von Polozk) is a from Lithuania.
  • Boris (singer)
    Boris (singer) is a Singer from France.
  • Boris A. Novak
    Boris A. Novak is a Poet from Slovenia.
  • Boris Abalyan
    Boris Abalyan is a Conductor from Russia.
  • Boris Abramowitsch Rosenfeld
    Boris Abramowitsch Rosenfeld is a Mathematician from Russia.
  • Boris Achour
    Boris Achour is a Artist from France.
  • Boris Ackers
    Boris Ackers is a Hockey from Germany.
  • Boris Acquadro
    Boris Acquadro is a Journalist from Switzerland.
  • Boris Afanasiev
    Boris Afanasiev is a Football from Russia.
  • Boris Akbulatov
    Boris Akbulatov is a Artist from Russia.
  • Boris Akimov
    Boris Akimov is a Choreographer from Russia.
  • Boris Akunin
    Boris Akunin is a Writer from Russia.
  • Boris Alekin
    Boris Alekin is a Actor from Russia.
  • Boris Aleksandrovich Mamyrin
    Boris Aleksandrovich Mamyrin is a Physicist from Soviet Union.
  • Boris Aleksandrovich Pelikan
    Boris Aleksandrovich Pelikan is a Politician from Soviet Union.
  • Boris Aleksandrovich Uspensky
    Boris Aleksandrovich Uspensky is a Artist from Russia.
  • Boris Alekseevič Kurakin
    Boris Alekseevič Kurakin is a Diplomat from Russia.
  • Boris Alexander Krukoff
    Boris Alexander Krukoff is a Botanist from US.
  • Boris Alexandrov
    Boris Alexandrov is a Hockey from Kazakhstan.
  • Boris Alexandrovich Alexandrov
    Boris Alexandrovich Alexandrov is a Composer from Russia.
  • Boris Alexandrowitsch Fingert
    Boris Alexandrowitsch Fingert is a Psychologist.
  • Boris Alexandrowitsch Kasanski
    Boris Alexandrowitsch Kasanski is a Chemist from Soviet Union.
  • Boris Alexandrowitsch Lindener
    Boris Alexandrowitsch Lindener is a Mineralogist from Soviet Union.
  • Boris Alexandrowitsch Tschagin
    Boris Alexandrowitsch Tschagin is a Historian from Russia.
  • Boris Alexejewitsch Wenkow
    Boris Alexejewitsch Wenkow is a Mathematician from Soviet Union.
  • Boris Alexejewitsch Wwedenski
    Boris Alexejewitsch Wwedenski is a Physics from Russia.
  • Boris Alexeyevich Galitzine
    Boris Alexeyevich Galitzine is a Tsar from Russia.
  • Boris Alfaro
    Boris Alfaro is a Football from Panama.
  • Boris Aljinovic
    Boris Aljinovic is a Actor from Germany.
  • Boris Almazov
    Boris Almazov is a Writer from Russia.
  • Boris Alterman
    Boris Alterman is a Chess from Israel.
  • Boris Altshuler
    Boris Altshuler is a Physicist from Russia.
  • Boris Amarantov
    Boris Amarantov is a Actor from Soviet Union.
  • Boris Amromin
    Boris Amromin is a Hockey from Israel.
  • Boris Anatolyevich Gavrilov
    Boris Anatolyevich Gavrilov is a Football from Russia.
  • Boris Anderson
    Boris Anderson is a Screenwriter from Germany.
  • Boris Andreevich Golitsyn
    Boris Andreevich Golitsyn is a Militar from Russia.
  • Boris Andreevič Sacharov
    Boris Andreevič Sacharov is a Chess from Soviet Union.
  • Boris Andrejewitsch Guber
    Boris Andrejewitsch Guber is a Author from Soviet Union.
  • Boris Andrejewitsch Ostroumow
    Boris Andrejewitsch Ostroumow is a Physicist from Russia.
  • Boris Andrejka
    Boris Andrejka is a Athlete from Slovenia.
  • Boris Andreyev (actor)
    Boris Andreyev (actor) is a Actor from Russia.
  • Boris Andreyev (cosmonaut)
    Boris Andreyev (cosmonaut) is a Cosmonaut from Russia.
  • Boris Andreyev (shooter)
    Boris Andreyev (shooter) is a Sport from Soviet Union.
  • Boris Angeluschew
    Boris Angeluschew is a Painter from Bulgaria.
  • Boris Anisfeld
    Boris Anisfeld is a Painter from US.
  • Boris Annenkov
    Boris Annenkov is a Officer from Soviet Union.
  • Boris Anrep
    Boris Anrep is a Ballerina from Soviet Union.
  • Boris Apostolov
    Boris Apostolov is a Football from Bulgaria.
  • Boris Aprel (Eypril)
    Boris Aprel (Eypril) is a Singer from Ukraine.

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