40+ Baby Girl Names for Vishakha Nakshatra

Looking for a Baby Girl Name for Vishakha Nakshatra? Our collection of 43 names will inspire you. Find the perfect name for your little one.


Name Meaning Like
Teekshika On the Name of Rashi Libra, 🖤
Teena Clay, Anointed, Christian 🖤
Tehihya 🖤
Tehiya 🖤
Tejasee Energetic, Brilliant 🖤
Tejashree With Divine Power and Grace 🖤
Tejashwini Lustrous or bright or radiant or intelligent 🖤
Tejasmita Beauty, Brightness, 🖤
Tejasvini Lustrous or bright or radiant or intelligent 🖤
Tejaswini Bright, Brave, Radiant, Lustrous 🖤
Tejaswita Brightness 🖤
Tejesvini Energetic, Gifted, Brilliant, 🖤
Tejeswani Illustrations of Lord Shiva 🖤
Tejini Sharp, Bright, Energetic 🖤
Tejowathi Another name for Goddess Durga 🖤
Tejsavi Win, 🖤
Tejshri Of divine powers 🖤
Tenali 🖤
Tesha Happiness, Survivor 🖤
Teshinee 🖤
Tomali Tree with very dark bark 🖤
Toral Soft, A folk heroine 🖤
Toshani Goddess Durga 🖤
Toshika Alert child, Clever child 🖤
Tuhi Bird sound 🖤
Tulana Compare 🖤
Tulasa A Sacred Plant, Tulsi Plant, 🖤
Tuli Painting Brush in Oriya 🖤
Tulika Artistic, A Paint Brush, Brush 🖤
Tulip Flower 🖤
Tulsilata Basil Plant 🖤
Tunil Fast, Clever, The mind 🖤
Turi A Painter's Brush, Bear 🖤
Tusarika 🖤
Tusharkana A particle of snow 🖤
Tushhyathi To be pleased 🖤
Tushika Snowfall 🖤
Tushita Satisfied, Pleased, Peace 🖤
Tushitha Peace, Happiness, Satisfied 🖤
Tushtri 🖤
Tusi Resurrection 🖤
Tusti Peace, Happiness, Satisfaction 🖤
Tutti 🖤

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