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Gender: Male

Origin: Latin, Scandinavian

Meaning: Love, Star, Arrow, Weapon

Pronunciation: AH-stuh, /ˈæstə/, AA S T AH

Popularity Rank: #12,638

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Asta Meaning

Derived from the Old Norse name Ástríðr, meaning "beautiful, beloved"

Asta also means "Love, Star, Arrow, Weapon, Beautiful or beloved".

Asta is commonly found in Lithuania, Finland, Cameroon, and 69 more countries.

Asta Pronunciation Guide

Phonetic Pronunciation: AH-stuh

IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet): /ˈæstə/

ARPAbet phonetic pronunciation: AA S T AH

AA: Pronounce as in "father" (AA F TH ER)

S: Pronounce as in "sit" (S IH T)

T: Pronounce as in "top" (T AA P)

AH: Pronounce as in "but" (B AH T)

This pronunciation guide uses the ARPABET system, a phonetic notation developed by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) for speech recognition systems. Each ARPABET symbol corresponds to a distinct sound in English. For example, 'JH' represents the sound as in 'joke,' 'AA' represents the sound as in 'father,' and 'N' represents the sound as in 'no.'

The pronunciation guide was generated using the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary, a public domain resource for phonetic pronunciations of words.

How to pronounce Asta?

Learn how to pronounce Asta correctly by listening to our 15 audio pronunciations. Click to hear each pronunciation as many times as you need to master it.

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  • Spanish (Spain)
    Spanish (Spain)
  • French (France)
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    German (Germany)
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
    Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Italian (Italy)
    Italian (Italy)
  • Dutch (Netherlands)
    Dutch (Netherlands)
  • Russian (Russia)
    Russian (Russia)
  • Arabic
  • English (India)
    English (India)
  • Hindi (India)
    Hindi (India)

Record your pronunciation of Asta

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How Asta is Pronounced in Different Languages?

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Asta Translations in other languages

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Asta Name Popularity

At NamesLook, the name Asta is recorded 3,768 times globally, ranking it as the 12,638th most common name worldwide.

Asta is most prevalent in Lithuania, with 1,105 occurrences, making it the 23th most popular name in the country.

In Lithuania, the name Asta is found among 1 in every 18 people, showcasing its highest frequency there.

Asta Popularity by Country

Sort By
Lithuania#231 : 18
Finland#3591 : 195
Cameroon#9961 : 1,642
United Kingdom#3,3051 : 2,373
France#6,7731 : 7,762
Italy#7,6211 : 7,629
Denmark#5551 : 658
Ireland#1,3721 : 1,106
United States of America#19,2741 : 21,537
Germany#4,7681 : 4,584
Russia#5,9081 : 5,896
Morocco#11,8711 : 16,714
Sweden#1,5531 : 1,557
Netherlands#7,1381 : 7,439
Brazil#9,1911 : 16,234
Saudi Arabia#36,3931 : 59,024
Nigeria#11,9931 : 26,356
Spain#9,8981 : 14,936
Malaysia#22,3621 : 52,384
Norway#1,4351 : 2,414
Hong Kong#7,6601 : 13,686
Turkey#22,2031 : 43,603
Canada#11,3941 : 15,062
Algeria#29,9481 : 63,355

List of countries the name Asta is rarely found

Asta popularity in U.S.


This chart displays the ranking of the name Asta from 1980 to 2023, based on the most recent data from the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Famous People with Name Asta

  • Asta (musician)
    Asta (musician) is a Music from Australia.
  • Asta Andersson is a Artist from Sweden.
  • Asta Backman is a Actor from Finland.
  • Asta Baukutė
    Asta Baukutė is a Politician from Lithuania.
  • Asta Bolin is a Actor from Sweden.
  • Asta Buchman is a Painter from Sweden.
  • Asta Bäckman
    Asta Bäckman is a Painter from Sweden.
  • Asta Dambrauskaitė
    Asta Dambrauskaitė is a Academic from Lithuania.
  • Asta Ekenvall is a Librarian from Sweden.
  • Asta Gedraitite is a Sport from Russia.
  • Asta Graah Bolander is a Writer from Norway.
  • Asta Gröting
    Asta Gröting is a Sculptor from Germany.
  • Asta Hansen is a Actor from Denmark.
  • Asta Heiberg is a Author from Germany.
  • Asta Holmberg is a Artist from Sweden.
  • Asta Jasiūnienė
    Asta Jasiūnienė is a Politician from Lithuania.
  • Asta Kihlbom is a Philologist from Sweden.
  • Asta Kubilienė
    Asta Kubilienė is a Academic from Lithuania.
  • Asta Larsson is a Athletic from Sweden.
  • Asta Narayan Manandhar is a Entrepreneur from Nepal.
  • Asta Nielsen is a Actor from Denmark.
  • Asta Nørregaard
    Asta Nørregaard is a Painter from Norway.
  • Asta Ovaska is a Athletic from Finland.
  • Asta Pellinen-Wannberg
    Asta Pellinen-Wannberg is a Astronomer from Sweden.
  • Asta Philpot is a Screenwriter from US.
  • Asta Plathino is a Athletic from Sweden.
  • Asta Põldmäe
    Asta Põldmäe is a Author from Estonia.
  • Asta Scheib is a Screenwriter from Germany.
  • Asta Strömberg
    Asta Strömberg is a Artist from Sweden.
  • Asta Südhaus
    Asta Südhaus is a Actor from Germany.
  • Asta Wickman is a Translator from Sweden.
  • Asta Willmann is a Actor from Estonia.
  • Asta Witkowsky is a Painter from Sweden.
  • Asta von Mallinckrodt-Haupt
    Asta von Mallinckrodt-Haupt is a Academic from Germany.
  • Asta Ödman
    Asta Ödman is a Sculptor from Sweden.
  • Astad Deboo is a Dancer from India.
  • Astaf von Transehe-Roseneck
    Astaf von Transehe-Roseneck is a Author from Latvia.
  • Astafy Dolgopolov is a Trickster from Soviet Union.
  • Astalaxmi Shakya is a Politician from Nepal.
  • Astaldo degli Astalli is a Priest from Italy.
  • Astaman is a Actor from Netherlands.
  • Astamur Adleiba is a Minister from Georgia.
  • Astamur Tania is a Minister.
  • Astan Dabo is a Basket from Mali.
  • Astanove II de Fezensac is a Feudatory.
  • Astar is a Presenter from New Zealand.
  • Astartus is a King from Lebanon.
  • Astarymus is a Monarch from Lebanon.
  • Astaspes is a Statthalter.

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