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Pavel Meaning, Pronunciation & Popularity

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Pavel means "Little, Small, Form of Paul".

The name Pavel's origin is Russian.

Pavel is a Male name primarily used as a First Name.

Pavel is commonly found in Iran (Islamic Republic of), Czechia, Russian Federation, and 87 more countries.

Pavel Pronunciation

Pronounce Pavel as P AE V AH L.

How to say Pavel?

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Pavel Name Popularity

At NamesLook, the name Pavel is recorded 77,109 times globally, ranking it as the 790th most common name worldwide..

Pavel is most prevalent in Iran (Islamic Republic of), with 24,314 occurrences, making it the 9th most popular name in the country.

In Czechia, the name Pavel is found among 1 in every 3 people, showcasing its highest frequency there.

List of countries the name Pavel is found

Sort By
Iran (Islamic Republic of)#91 : 8
Czechia#61 : 3
Russian Federation#1211 : 28
Italy#1,2331 : 600
United States of America#2,2531 : 1,276
Israel#6441 : 280
Kazakhstan#5921 : 227
United Kingdom (UK)#1,4221 : 733
Palestine, State of#8301 : 452
Bulgaria#891 : 72
Mexico#1,9391 : 1,479
Bangladesh#8471 : 935
France#3,0551 : 2,711
Spain#1,8931 : 1,364
Peru#1,7621 : 2,170
Germany#1,4141 : 839
Iraq#3,3811 : 2,816
Canada#1,7191 : 1,228
Lithuania#2101 : 72
Estonia#511 : 60
Belgium#2,0151 : 1,536
Netherlands#3,1171 : 2,272
Poland#6321 : 467
Finland#9081 : 868
Cameroon#1,6581 : 3,140
Ireland#1,0711 : 738
Saudi Arabia#17,9021 : 24,720
Moldova (Republic of)#871 : 65
Switzerland#1,8321 : 1,724
Austria#1,1341 : 1,032
Colombia#11,0761 : 15,538
Oman#6,4121 : 8,378
United Arab Emirates#8,5611 : 13,268
Sweden#1,3371 : 1,301
Singapore#4,4691 : 8,433
Portugal#1,6991 : 2,344
Chile#5,9761 : 10,608
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)#3,8061 : 6,847
Cyprus#3861 : 598
China#1,5891 : 4,046
Norway#1,3691 : 2,276
Turkey#17,0531 : 30,778
Croatia#1,1821 : 1,158
Slovenia#1,0781 : 928
Costa Rica#3,4471 : 4,396
Guatemala#3,8151 : 7,103
Qatar#8,4111 : 15,318
Kuwait#10,9611 : 21,137
Greece#2,5421 : 3,388
South Africa#29,8701 : 86,847
Malaysia#34,0171 : 86,547

List of countries the name Pavel is rarely found

  • Bahrain:20 occurrences
  • Serbia:20 occurrences
  • Egypt:17 occurrences
  • Algeria:16 occurrences
  • Denmark:15 occurrences
  • Japan:15 occurrences
  • Luxembourg:15 occurrences
  • Morocco:15 occurrences
  • India:13 occurrences
  • Panama:13 occurrences
  • Hong Kong:12 occurrences
  • Mauritius:11 occurrences
  • Uruguay:11 occurrences
  • Ecuador:9 occurrences
  • Hungary:8 occurrences
  • Nigeria:8 occurrences
  • Turkmenistan:8 occurrences
  • Malta:5 occurrences
  • Argentina:4 occurrences
  • Brazil:4 occurrences
  • Lebanon:4 occurrences
  • Syrian Arab Republic:4 occurrences
  • Azerbaijan:3 occurrences
  • Georgia:3 occurrences
  • Iceland:3 occurrences
  • Macao:3 occurrences
  • Maldives:3 occurrences
  • Angola:2 occurrences
  • Tunisia:2 occurrences
  • Taiwan (Province of China):2 occurrences
  • Albania:1 occurrences
  • Brunei Darussalam:1 occurrences
  • Botswana:1 occurrences
  • Ghana:1 occurrences
  • Honduras:1 occurrences
  • Jamaica:1 occurrences
  • Libya:1 occurrences
  • Namibia:1 occurrences
  • Sudan:1 occurrences

Pavel popularity in U.S.


This chart displays the ranking of the name Pavel from 1980 to 2022, based on the most recent data from the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Famous People with Name Pavel

  • Pavel 183
    Pavel 183 is a Artist from Russia.
  • Pavel A. Pevzner
    Pavel A. Pevzner is a Bioinformatician from Russia.
  • Pavel Abramov
    Pavel Abramov is a Player from Russia.
  • Pavel Afanasyev
    Pavel Afanasyev is a Football from Russia.
  • Pavel Agafonov
    Pavel Agafonov is a Militar from Soviet Union.
  • Pavel Akolzin
    Pavel Akolzin is a Hockey from Russia.
  • Pavel Alandsky
    Pavel Alandsky is a Historian from Russia.
  • Pavel Aleksandrov (footballer)
    Pavel Aleksandrov (footballer) is a Football from Russia.
  • Pavel Aleksandrovich Krylov
    Pavel Aleksandrovich Krylov is a Football from Russia.
  • Pavel Aleksandrovich Sergeyev
    Pavel Aleksandrovich Sergeyev is a Football from Russia.
  • Pavel Aleksandrovič Urusov
    Pavel Aleksandrovič Urusov is a Esercito from Russia.
  • Pavel Alekseevič Golicyn
    Pavel Alekseevič Golicyn is a Militar from Russia.
  • Pavel Alekseyev
    Pavel Alekseyev is a Football from Russia.
  • Pavel Alexandrov
    Pavel Alexandrov is a Mathematician from Soviet Union.
  • Pavel Alexandrovich Alexandrov
    Pavel Alexandrovich Alexandrov is a Lawyer from Russia.
  • Pavel Alexandrovich Stroganov
    Pavel Alexandrovich Stroganov is a Militar from Russia.
  • Pavel Alexeyevich Belov
    Pavel Alexeyevich Belov is a Colonel from Soviet Union.
  • Pavel Alexeïevitch Toutchkov
    Pavel Alexeïevitch Toutchkov is a Militar from Russia.
  • Pavel Alikin
    Pavel Alikin is a Football from Russia.
  • Pavel Altschul
    Pavel Altschul is a Writer from Austria-Hungary.
  • Pavel Andreev
    Pavel Andreev is a Athletic from Uzbekistan.
  • Pavel Andreev (triathlon)
    Pavel Andreev (triathlon) is a Athlete from Russia.
  • Pavel Andreyevich Mironov
    Pavel Andreyevich Mironov is a Militar from Soviet Union.
  • Pavel Andreyevich Shuvalov
    Pavel Andreyevich Shuvalov is a Militar from Russia.
  • Pavel Andrianov
    Pavel Andrianov is a Football from Russia.
  • Pavel Anděl
    Pavel Anděl is a Actor from Czech Republic.
  • Pavel Angelov
    Pavel Angelov is a Luger from Bulgaria.
  • Pavel Annenkov
    Pavel Annenkov is a Critic from Russia.
  • Pavel Ansimov
    Pavel Ansimov is a Football from Russia.
  • Pavel Antipov
    Pavel Antipov is a Basket from Russia.
  • Pavel Antokolsky
    Pavel Antokolsky is a Poet from Russia.
  • Pavel Antseborenko
    Pavel Antseborenko is a Militar from Soviet Union.
  • Pavel Ardzinba
    Pavel Ardzinba is a Business from Georgia.
  • Pavel Argeyev
    Pavel Argeyev is a Militar from Soviet Union.
  • Pavel Arsenov
    Pavel Arsenov is a Actor from Russia.
  • Pavel Astakhov
    Pavel Astakhov is a Lawyer from Russia.
  • Pavel Atman
    Pavel Atman is a Handball from Russia.
  • Pavel Avdeyev
    Pavel Avdeyev is a Football from Russia.
  • Pavel Avdotchenko
    Pavel Avdotchenko is a Player from Russia.
  • Pavel Averyanov
    Pavel Averyanov is a Football from Russia.
  • Pavel Avksentyev
    Pavel Avksentyev is a Swimmer from Soviet Union.
  • Pavel Axelrod
    Pavel Axelrod is a Politician from Soviet Union.
  • Pavel Babaylov
    Pavel Babaylov is a Flying_ace from Soviet Union.
  • Pavel Badea
    Pavel Badea is a Football from Romania.
  • Pavel Baev
    Pavel Baev is a Political_scientist from Norway.
  • Pavel Bagryantsev
    Pavel Bagryantsev is a Football from Russia.
  • Pavel Balakhnichev
    Pavel Balakhnichev is a Football from Russia.
  • Pavel Banka
    Pavel Banka is a Photographer from Slovakia.
  • Pavel Baran
    Pavel Baran is a Academic from Czechoslovakia.
  • Pavel Baranov
    Pavel Baranov is a Football from Russia.

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