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Ignac Meaning, Pronunciation & Popularity

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Ignac means "Ardent, Burning".

The name Ignac's origin is Australian.

Ignac is a Male name primarily used as a Last Name.

Ignac is found in Croatia, Poland, Iran (Islamic Republic of), and 16 more countries.

Ignac Pronunciation

Pronounce Ignac as IH G N AH K.

How to say Ignac?

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  • Ignac Pronunciation in English (US)
  • Ignac Pronunciation in English (UK)

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Ignac Name Popularity

At NamesLook, the name Ignac is recorded 87 times globally, ranking it as the 216,167th most common name worldwide..

Ignac is most prevalent in Croatia, with 18 occurrences, making it the 1,608th most popular name in the country.

List of countries the name Ignac is found

  • Croatia:18 occurrences
  • Poland:16 occurrences
  • Iran (Islamic Republic of):9 occurrences
  • Slovenia:7 occurrences
  • Germany:6 occurrences
  • Hungary:5 occurrences
  • Czechia:4 occurrences
  • United States of America:4 occurrences
  • Austria:3 occurrences
  • Canada:3 occurrences
  • United Kingdom (UK):2 occurrences
  • Italy:2 occurrences
  • Peru:2 occurrences
  • Belgium:1 occurrences
  • Bulgaria:1 occurrences
  • Switzerland:1 occurrences
  • Chile:1 occurrences
  • Cameroon:1 occurrences
  • Spain:1 occurrences

Ignac popularity in U.S.


This chart displays the ranking of the name Ignac from 1980 to 2022, based on the most recent data from the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Famous People with Name Ignac

  • Ignac Gregorač
    Ignac Gregorač is a Political from Slovenia.
  • Ignac Kavec
    Ignac Kavec is a Hockey from Yugoslavia.
  • Ignac Kristijanović
    Ignac Kristijanović is a Author from Croatia.
  • Ignac Orožen
    Ignac Orožen is a Author from Austria.
  • Ignacas Stasys Uždavinys
    Ignacas Stasys Uždavinys is a Politician from Lithuania.
  • Ignace Abdo Khalifé
    Ignace Abdo Khalifé is a Saint from Lebanon.
  • Ignace Ardieux
    Ignace Ardieux is a Missionary from Switzerland.
  • Ignace Baron
    Ignace Baron is a Poet from Switzerland.
  • Ignace Baudinot
    Ignace Baudinot is a Militar from France.
  • Ignace Beck
    Ignace Beck is a Politician from India.
  • Ignace Berten
    Ignace Berten is a Theologian from Belgium.
  • Ignace Bessi Dogbo
    Ignace Bessi Dogbo is a Priest from Ivory Coast.
  • Ignace Bossuyt
    Ignace Bossuyt is a Academic from Belgium.
  • Ignace Bourget
    Ignace Bourget is a Priest from Canada.
  • Ignace Brice
    Ignace Brice is a Painter from Belgium.
  • Ignace Brunel
    Ignace Brunel is a Politician from France.
  • Ignace Caseneuve
    Ignace Caseneuve is a Politician from France.
  • Ignace Casimir Goube
    Ignace Casimir Goube is a Lawyer from France.
  • Ignace Chappe
    Ignace Chappe is a Politician from France.
  • Ignace Chauffour
    Ignace Chauffour is a Lawyer from France.
  • Ignace Colombani
    Ignace Colombani is a Writer from France.
  • Ignace Cotolendi
    Ignace Cotolendi is a Priest from France.
  • Ignace Despontreaux Marion
    Ignace Despontreaux Marion is a Revolutionary from Haiti.
  • Ignace Dick
    Ignace Dick is a Priest.
  • Ignace Dubus-Bonnel
    Ignace Dubus-Bonnel is a Craftsman from France.
  • Ignace Feuerlicht
    Ignace Feuerlicht is a Teacher from US.
  • Ignace Fink
    Ignace Fink is a Teacher from France.
  • Ignace Fougeron
    Ignace Fougeron is a Engraver from United Kingdom.
  • Ignace Francis La Mousse
    Ignace Francis La Mousse is a Explorateur from India.
  • Ignace François Albrecht
    Ignace François Albrecht is a Politician from France.
  • Ignace François Bousson
    Ignace François Bousson is a Militar from France.
  • Ignace François Broutin
    Ignace François Broutin is a Architect from France.
  • Ignace Gata Mavita wa Lufuta
    Ignace Gata Mavita wa Lufuta is a Representative from Congo.
  • Ignace Gelb
    Ignace Gelb is a Anthropologist from US.
  • Ignace Gibsone
    Ignace Gibsone is a Composer from United Kingdom.
  • Ignace Gill
    Ignace Gill is a Business from Canada.
  • Ignace Gillet
    Ignace Gillet is a Katholischer from France.
  • Ignace Gropp
    Ignace Gropp is a Historian from Germany.
  • Ignace Guédé-Gba
    Ignace Guédé-Gba is a Football from Ivory Coast.
  • Ignace Heinrich
    Ignace Heinrich is a Athlete from France.
  • Ignace Henri Malo
    Ignace Henri Malo is a Teacher from Russia.
  • Ignace Henry
    Ignace Henry is a Lawyer from Belgium.
  • Ignace Hoff
    Ignace Hoff is a Soldier from France.
  • Ignace Hummel
    Ignace Hummel is a Priest from France.
  • Ignace Iamak
    Ignace Iamak is a Football from Vanuatu.
  • Ignace Jang
    Ignace Jang is a Violin from France.
  • Ignace Jean
    Ignace Jean is a Politician from France.
  • Ignace Jehl
    Ignace Jehl is a Politician from France.
  • Ignace Joseph Haudouart
    Ignace Joseph Haudouart is a Politician from France.
  • Ignace Joseph Lepidi
    Ignace Joseph Lepidi is a Politician from France.

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