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Franc Meaning, Pronunciation & Popularity

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Franc means "Frenchman, Diminutive of Francis".

The name Franc's origin is English.

Franc is a Male name primarily used as a First Name.

Franc is commonly found in Italy, France, Spain, and 77 more countries.

Franc Pronunciation

Pronounce Franc as F R AE NG K.

How to say Franc?

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  • Franc Pronunciation in English (US)
  • Franc Pronunciation in English (UK)

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Franc Name Popularity

At NamesLook, the name Franc is recorded 3,825 times globally, ranking it as the 12,506th most common name worldwide..

Franc is most prevalent in Italy, with 499 occurrences, making it the 3,284th most popular name in the country.

In Slovenia, the name Franc is found among 1 in every 144 people, showcasing its highest frequency there.

List of countries the name Franc is found

Sort By
Italy#3,2841 : 2,370
France#3,1181 : 2,804
Spain#2,0521 : 1,526
Cameroon#9311 : 1,531
Slovenia#2101 : 144
United States of America#10,0861 : 8,956
Mexico#4,2371 : 4,596
Albania#7001 : 483
Netherlands#3,6961 : 2,853
Colombia#8,9971 : 11,941
Peru#5,2591 : 10,264
Algeria#10,0981 : 16,631
Germany#4,9731 : 4,889
Guatemala#2,2091 : 3,101
Morocco#11,3041 : 15,716
South Africa#17,2341 : 42,634
Nigeria#10,8311 : 23,193
United Kingdom (UK)#10,8451 : 12,182
Chile#7,3351 : 13,501
Croatia#1,0091 : 889
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)#4,6871 : 9,253
Belgium#6,3151 : 8,251
Brazil#12,1631 : 23,873
Canada#9,2051 : 11,175
Tunisia#11,9041 : 20,420
Switzerland#5,3541 : 7,161
Poland#2,0441 : 3,331
Austria#3,6171 : 4,925

List of countries the name Franc is rarely found

  • Iran (Islamic Republic of):19 occurrences
  • Panama:19 occurrences
  • Czechia:18 occurrences
  • Malaysia:18 occurrences
  • Argentina:17 occurrences
  • Saudi Arabia:17 occurrences
  • Egypt:14 occurrences
  • Costa Rica:12 occurrences
  • Philippines:11 occurrences
  • Qatar:11 occurrences
  • Russian Federation:11 occurrences
  • Hong Kong:10 occurrences
  • Mauritius:10 occurrences
  • Angola:9 occurrences
  • Oman:9 occurrences
  • Portugal:9 occurrences
  • United Arab Emirates:8 occurrences
  • Singapore:8 occurrences
  • Ecuador:7 occurrences
  • Ireland:6 occurrences
  • Lithuania:6 occurrences
  • Luxembourg:6 occurrences
  • Ghana:5 occurrences
  • Namibia:5 occurrences
  • Greece:4 occurrences
  • Kuwait:4 occurrences
  • Libya:4 occurrences
  • Macao:4 occurrences
  • Yemen:4 occurrences
  • Bahrain:3 occurrences
  • Hungary:3 occurrences
  • Iraq:3 occurrences
  • Lebanon:3 occurrences
  • Sudan:3 occurrences
  • Syrian Arab Republic:3 occurrences
  • Taiwan (Province of China):3 occurrences
  • Uruguay:3 occurrences
  • Bulgaria:2 occurrences
  • Georgia:2 occurrences
  • Sweden:2 occurrences
  • Turkey:2 occurrences
  • Afghanistan:1 occurrences
  • Denmark:1 occurrences
  • Finland:1 occurrences
  • Israel:1 occurrences
  • India:1 occurrences
  • Jordan:1 occurrences
  • Japan:1 occurrences
  • Kazakhstan:1 occurrences
  • Moldova (Republic of):1 occurrences
  • Malta:1 occurrences
  • Serbia:1 occurrences

Franc popularity in U.S.


This chart displays the ranking of the name Franc from 1980 to 2022, based on the most recent data from the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Famous People with Name Franc

  • Franc Abulnar
    Franc Abulnar is a Sport from Austria-Hungary.
  • Franc Avsec
    Franc Avsec is a Editor from Yugoslavia.
  • Franc Bogovič
    Franc Bogovič is a Politician from Slovenia.
  • Franc Breckerfeld
    Franc Breckerfeld is a Mathematician from Holy Roman Empire.
  • Franc Cifer
    Franc Cifer is a Football from Slovenia.
  • Franc Contreras
    Franc Contreras is a Journalist from US.
  • Franc Cvenkelj
    Franc Cvenkelj is a Skier from Slovenia.
  • Franc D'Ambrosio
    Franc D'Ambrosio is a Actor from US.
  • Franc Falkiner
    Franc Falkiner is a Politician from Australia.
  • Franc Fernandez
    Franc Fernandez is a Painter from Argentina.
  • Franc Flotron
    Franc Flotron is a Politician from US.
  • Franc Frakelj
    Franc Frakelj is a Militar from Slovenia.
  • Franc Fridl
    Franc Fridl is a Football from Slovenia.
  • Franc Gartner
    Franc Gartner is a Sport from Yugoslavia.
  • Franc Grom
    Franc Grom is a Artist from Slovenia.
  • Franc Gubenšek
    Franc Gubenšek is a Chemist from Slovenia.
  • Franc Hafner
    Franc Hafner is a Athletic from Yugoslavia.
  • Franc Hočevar
    Franc Hočevar is a Mathematician from Austria-Hungary.
  • Franc Jankovič
    Franc Jankovič is a Politician from Yugoslavia.
  • Franc Joubin
    Franc Joubin is a Geologist from Canada.
  • Franc Kangler
    Franc Kangler is a Politician from Slovenia.
  • Franc Kattnig
    Franc Kattnig is a Publisher from Austria.
  • Franc Kimovec
    Franc Kimovec is a Composer from Yugoslavia.
  • Franc Košir
    Franc Košir is a Trumpet from Slovenia.
  • Franc Kramberger
    Franc Kramberger is a Priest from Slovenia.
  • Franc Križanič
    Franc Križanič is a Politician from Slovenia.
  • Franc Ksaver Meško
    Franc Ksaver Meško is a Priest from Yugoslavia.
  • Franc Luz
    Franc Luz is a Actor from US.
  • Franc Malzac
    Franc Malzac is a Painter from France.
  • Franc Miklošič
    Franc Miklošič is a Linguist from Austria.
  • Franc O'Shea
    Franc O'Shea is a Composer from United Kingdom.
  • Franc Očko
    Franc Očko is a Judo from Slovenia.
  • Franc Palme
    Franc Palme is a Ski from Slovenia.
  • Franc Perko
    Franc Perko is a Priest from Yugoslavia.
  • Franc Petek
    Franc Petek is a Politician from Austria.
  • Franc Pribošek
    Franc Pribošek is a Sport from Yugoslavia.
  • Franc Péret
    Franc Péret is a Film from France.
  • Franc Reyes (film director)
    Franc Reyes (film director) is a Film from US.
  • Franc Roddam
    Franc Roddam is a Film from United Kingdom.
  • Franc Rode
    Franc Rode is a Priest from Slovenia.
  • Franc Rozman
    Franc Rozman is a Militar from Yugoslavia.
  • Franc Sadleir
    Franc Sadleir is a Academic from Ireland.
  • Franc Serafin Metelko
    Franc Serafin Metelko is a Author from Austria.
  • Franc Smolej (ice hockey)
    Franc Smolej (ice hockey) is a Hockey from Slovenia.
  • Franc Smolej (skier)
    Franc Smolej (skier) is a Skier from Slovenia.
  • Franc Snoj
    Franc Snoj is a Politician from Yugoslavia.
  • Franc Suher
    Franc Suher is a Draughtswoman from Slovenia.
  • Franc Tausch
    Franc Tausch is a Actor from Germany.
  • Franc Treiber
    Franc Treiber is a Composer from Austria-Hungary.
  • Franc Trkman
    Franc Trkman is a Entrepreneur from Yugoslavia.

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