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Armenian Baby Names: 110 Names + Guide for New Parents

Sivaguru Ayyadurai
By Sivaguru Ayyadurai Chief Content Creator
Updated: May 11, 2024 | 🕣 2 mins read | 👁️ 56 Views
Armenian Baby Names: 110 Names + Guide for New Parents | NamesLook

The birth of a child is a miraculous event. As a new parent in Armenia, or within the vibrant Armenian diaspora, choosing a name is a profound way to honor your heritage and welcome your little one into the world. Armenian names possess a unique blend of history, tradition, and endearing charm.

Trends Shaping Armenian Baby Names

Let's explore some of the influences shaping Armenian baby name choices:

  • Resilient Historical Roots: Names like Aram, Ani, and Tigran pay homage to Armenian figures from history and mythology.
  • Faith and Spirituality: Biblical names like Mariam, Davit, and Narek express deeply-held faith and spiritual connection.
  • Nature's Embrace: Names inspired by the natural world, such as Arpi (sun) and Astghik (little star), reflect the strong bond Armenians have with their homeland.
  • Modern & International: Armenian parents also embrace contemporary names like Lia, Alex, or Leo, showcasing a global outlook.

Choosing the Perfect Armenian Baby Name: Tips to Guide You

  • Seek Inspiration in Meaning: Many Armenian names hold powerful meanings – consider qualities like strength, beauty, and wisdom.
  • Pronunciation & Flow: Practice saying the name aloud, paying attention to how it flows with your surname.
  • Family Legacy: Honor your ancestry by choosing a name passed down through generations, or inspired by a beloved family member.
  • Complementary Sibling Names: If this isn't your first child, ensure the new name harmonizes with existing sibling names.
  • Follow Your Heart: Most importantly, choose a name that speaks to your soul and fills you with joy.

110 Exquisite Armenian Baby Names

♂️ - Boy name, ♀️ - Girl name

  • ♂️ Adom🤍
    Help from Go; From Akan
  • ♂️ Aharon🤍
    Lofty; Exalted; High Mountain; Biblically; Aaron; Moshea's Elder Brother
  • ♂️ Alin🤍
    Fair; Handsome; Both a Diminutive of Albert; Noble; Rock; Comely; To Soothe; Bearer of the Light; Scorpion; The Zodiac Sign Scorpio
  • ♂️ Anag🤍
    Very Handsome;Speech
  • ♂️ Antranig🤍
    First Born
  • ♂️ Ara🤍
    Bringer of Productivity; Swift; Speedy; Ornament; Decoration
  • ♂️ Aran🤍
  • ♂️ Arek🤍
    Lofty; Exalted; High Mountain; Biblically; Mountain of Strength; Enlightened
  • ♂️ aren🤍
    Eagle; Ruler; Peace
  • Ari🤍
    Lion; Brave; Inner Skin; Eagle; Lord Vishnu;Strong and courageous;symbolizing royalty
  • ♂️ Arman🤍
    Expectations; Wish; Ideal; Hope; Aspiration; Army Man; French Form of Herman; Desire; Man in the Army; Soldier; Dream; Bold; Hardy Man
  • ♂️ Armen🤍
  • ♂️ Arno🤍
    Short Form Arnold; Diminutive of Arnold; The Eagle Rules; Strong as an Eagle; Eagle-wolf; Powerful Eagle; Sincere
  • ♂️ Arsen🤍
  • ♂️ Arsham🤍
    Very Strong; Name of Dariush's Grandfather
  • ♀️ Astrid🤍
    Divine Strength;Beautiful and loved.
  • ♂️ Avedis🤍
    Good News
  • ♂️ Azad🤍
    Free; Independence
  • ♂️ Bebo🤍
    Loved One;Bringer of joy
  • ♂️ Bedros🤍
  • ♂️ Boghos🤍
  • ♀️ Carine🤍
    Friend; Pure; Maiden; Dear Little One; Darling
  • ♂️ Daron🤍
  • ♂️ Dikran🤍
    Name of a King
  • ♀️ Dzovig🤍
    Small Sea
  • ♀️ Elise🤍
    God is My Oath; Consecrated to God Abbreviation of Elisabeth; Pledged to God; Form of Elizabeth;God is abundance or God is my oath
  • ♀️ Emma🤍
    Industrious; All-containing; Universal; Embracing Everything; Whole; Entire; All
  • ♂️ Garbis🤍
  • ♂️ Garen🤍
    Guardian; Mighty with a Spear
  • ♂️ Garin🤍
    Guardian; Mighty with a Spear; Grace; Holiness; Dignity; Power; One of the eight siddhis of the science of Yoga
  • ♂️ Hagop🤍
    James; Jacob
  • ♂️ Haig🤍
    From the Hedged Enclosure; From the Enclosed with Hedges
  • ♀️ Hera🤍
    Queen of Gods; Protector; Diamond; Queen of gods
  • ♀️ Isabel🤍
    Consecrated to God; My God is Bountiful; God of Plenty; God's Promise; God is My Oath
  • ♀️ Isabella🤍
    Consecrated to God; God is My Oath; God is Perfection; Pledged to God; God's Promise; Variant of Elizabeth; My God is Bountiful; God of Plenty; Grace
  • ♂️ Jivan🤍
    Life; Soul
  • Downy Bearded; Youthful; Name of a Poem; Jove's Child
  • ♀️ Lara🤍
    Famous; Well-known; Cheerful; Light Hearted; Protection; Name of a Nymph; Graceful; Prosperous Gurdian; Mare; Laurel; Bright
  • ♀️ Lili🤍
    German Diminutive of Elizabeth; The Flower Lily is a Symbol of Innocence; Purity and Beauty; A Flower; Purity; Beauty; Variant of Lillian Derived from the Flower Name Lily; Lily
  • ♀️ Lilit🤍
    Ghost; Storm Goddess; Spirit of the Night
  • ♀️ Lori🤍
    The Laurel Tree; Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and Victory; Laurel; Form of Laura; Crowned with Laurel; Land of the People of Lothar; Land of the;Wisdom;honour
  • ♀️ Lucine🤍
    Moon; Light
  • ♀️ Lucy🤍
    Bringer of Light; Light; Illumination
  • ♀️ Madlen🤍
    Woman of Magdala
  • ♂️ Manuel🤍
    Powerful; Strong;God is with us
  • ♀️ Margaret🤍
    Pearl; Jewel; Name of a Saint
  • ♀️ Mari🤍
    Sea of Bitterness; Wished of Chld; Calf; Bitter; Truth and Reason; Of Death; Of Love; A Form of Durga as the Goddess of the Death; Pearl; Beloved; Rain; Goddess Giving Rain;Beloved or wished for child
  • ♀️ Maria🤍
    Pleasure of Joy; Bitter; Sea of Bitterness; The Perfect One; Sea of Sorrow; Wished for Child; Rebellious; Star; Mary
  • ♀️ Mariyam🤍
  • ♀️ Marmar🤍
  • ♀️ Marta🤍
    Mistress; Mistress of the House or Lady; Bitter; Dedicated to Mars; Feminine of Martin; Warlike; Pearl; A Lady; Spanish Form of Martha Lady
  • ♀️ Mayda🤍
  • ♀️ Miriam🤍
    Sea of Bitterness; Biblical Name; Rebelliousness; Star of the Sea; Wished-for Child; Bitter; Sea of Sorrow; Prophetess; Scraped; Rocks; Beloved
  • ♂️ Movses🤍
  • ♀️ Nairi🤍
    Kind One; From Armenia; From a canyon land
  • ♂️ Nazar🤍
    Eyesight; Vision
  • ♂️ Nishan🤍
    Miracles; Symbol; Signature; Mark; Third Eye of God Shiva
  • ♂️ Nshan🤍
  • ♀️ Oshin🤍
  • ♂️ Panos🤍
    Rock; All Holy
  • ♂️ Raphael🤍
    God has Healed; Healed by God
  • ♂️ Razmig🤍
  • ♂️ Sahak🤍
    Armenian Form of Isaac
  • ♂️ Samson🤍
    Bright as the Sun; Sun Child; Like the Sun; His Ministry; Sun
  • ♂️ Samuel🤍
    Asked of God; Told by God; Name of King in Bible; Follower of Jesus; Heard by God
  • ♂️ Sarkis🤍
    Protector; Shepherd
  • ♂️ Saro🤍
    Good One
  • ♀️ Seda🤍
    Echo's in the Forest
  • ♂️ Sevag🤍
    Black Eye
  • ♀️ Shahan🤍
    Profit Maker
  • ♂️ Simon🤍
    Listening Intently; He who has Heard; The Word of God; To Hear or be Heard
  • ♀️ Siran🤍
    Beautiful;A unisex name of Armenian origin that means 'love' or 'desert'.
  • ♀️ Soffi🤍
  • ♂️ Souren🤍
    Dra-of the Sun; Of the Sun
  • ♀️ Stephanie🤍
    A Crown of Garland; Crown; Garland; Crowned in Victory; Victorious
  • ♀️ Sussan🤍
    A Flower; Lily; Lily of the Valley
  • ♀️ Suzan🤍
  • ♀️ Sybilla🤍
    Prophetess; Oracle
  • ♀️ Taline🤍
  • ♀️ Theodora🤍
    Gift of God; Divine Gift; God's Gift; Feminine of Theodore
  • ♂️ Thomas🤍
  • ♂️ tro🤍
  • ♂️ Vache🤍
    Nomadic Cart
  • ♂️ Vahan🤍
  • ♂️ Vahe🤍
  • ♂️ Yervant🤍
    An Armenian King
  • ♀️ Yeva🤍
    Life-enhancing; Alive; Living
  • ♂️ Zakariya🤍
    Zechariah; Remembering God; A Prophet's Name
  • ♂️ Zareh🤍
  • ♂️ Zoravar🤍
  • ♂️ Alan🤍
    God of Shine; Handsome; Cheerful; Rock; Comely; Peace; Little Rock; Noble; Rock or Noble
  • ♂️ Aram🤍
    Highness; Exalted; Quiet; Father of a Multitude
  • ♂️ Atam🤍
    Adam; Self; Spiritual
  • ♂️ Shant🤍
    Gentle; Peace and calm
  • ♂️ Talin🤍
    Lord Shiva; Unclear; Musical
  • ♂️ Van🤍
    Traditional Middle Name to Indicate a Boy; Forest; From the Family of; Lives by a Marsh; Cloud; Knowledge;Derived from Dutch;meaning 'from or of';can be a nickname for various names.
  • ♀️ Houri🤍
  • ♀️ Sima🤍
    Limit; Border; Listener; Precious Thing; Treasure; Boundary; Bank; Shore
  • ♀️ Sibyl🤍
    Prophetess; Seer; Oracle
  • ♂️ Levon🤍
    Lion; Joined; Attached
  • ♂️ Minas🤍
  • ♂️ Vrej🤍
  • ♂️ Vartan🤍
    Giver of Roses
  • ♀️ Erato🤍
  • ♀️ Sylva🤍
    Woods; Woodland; Forest; From the Forest; From the Woods
  • ♀️ Talar🤍
    Green; From the Headland in the Field
  • ♂️ Emin🤍
  • ♀️ Nane🤍
    God has Favoured Me; Nice
  • ♀️ Shiraz🤍
  • ♀️ Euphemia🤍
    Auspicious Speech; Good Repute; Sweet Spoken

Embracing the Heritage of Your Armenian Baby Name

Selecting an Armenian name is a precious way to connect your child with their vibrant heritage. It's a gift of identity and a reminder of the rich history woven into their name.

We'd love to know your favorite!

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