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Gender: Female

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Pleasure, Delight

Pronunciation: AE D N AH

Popularity Rank: #35,821

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Adna Meaning

Adna means "Pleasure, Delight, In the Bible, Name of Two Israelites of the Returned Community".

Adna is commonly found in Brazil, United States of America, Saudi Arabia, and 69 more countries.

Adna Pronunciation Guide

ARPAbet phonetic pronunciation: AE D N AH

AE: Pronounce as in "cat" (K AE T)

D: Pronounce as in "dog" (D AO G)

N: Pronounce as in "no" (N OW)

AH: Pronounce as in "but" (B AH T)

This pronunciation guide uses the ARPABET system, a phonetic notation developed by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) for speech recognition systems. Each ARPABET symbol corresponds to a distinct sound in English. For example, 'JH' represents the sound as in 'joke,' 'AA' represents the sound as in 'father,' and 'N' represents the sound as in 'no.'

The pronunciation guide was generated using the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary, a public domain resource for phonetic pronunciations of words.

How to pronounce Adna?

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    English (US)
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    Spanish (Spain)
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  • Portuguese (Portugal)
    Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Italian (Italy)
    Italian (Italy)
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    Dutch (Netherlands)
  • Russian (Russia)
    Russian (Russia)
  • Arabic
  • English (India)
    English (India)
  • Hindi (India)
    Hindi (India)
  • Tamil (India)
    Tamil (India)

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Adna Translations in other languages

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Adna Name Popularity

At NamesLook, the name Adna is recorded 947 times globally, ranking it as the 35,821th most common name worldwide.

Adna is most prevalent in Brazil, with 354 occurrences, making it the 2,205th most popular name in the country.

In Brazil, the name Adna is found among 1 in every 2293 people, showcasing its highest frequency there.

Adna Popularity by Country

Sort By
Brazil#2,2051 : 2,293
United States of America#22,8191 : 27,002
Saudi Arabia#34,6981 : 55,619
Morocco#16,2531 : 25,071
Austria#2,9661 : 3,736
Malaysia#29,7211 : 73,725
Italy#28,9611 : 45,482
France#29,1641 : 54,333
United Kingdom#18,1971 : 24,918

List of countries the name Adna is rarely found

Adna popularity in U.S.


This chart displays the ranking of the name Adna from 1980 to 2023, based on the most recent data from the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Famous People with Name Adna

  • Adna Anderson is a Engineer.
  • Adna Chaffee is a Officer from US.
  • Adna Ferrin Weber is a Economist from US.
  • Adna R. Chaffee Jr. is a Officer from US.
  • Adna R. Johnson is a Lawyer from US.
  • Adna Wright Leonard is a Priest from Iceland.
  • Adnan Abdallat is a Neurologist from Jordan.
  • Adnan Abdo al-Sukhni
    Adnan Abdo al-Sukhni is a Politician from Syria.
  • Adnan Abu Amjad is a Officer from Syria.
  • Adnan Abu Hassan is a Composer from Malaysia.
  • Adnan Abu Odeh is a Politician from Jordan.
  • Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi
    Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi is a Militant from Iraq.
  • Adnan Addoum is a Politician from Lebanon.
  • Adnan Adil is a Poet from Iraq.
  • Adnan Adous is a Football from Jordan.
  • Adnan Adıvar
    Adnan Adıvar is a Writer from Turkey.
  • Adnan Aganović
    Adnan Aganović is a Football from Croatia.
  • Adnan Agar is a Athletic from Iraq.
  • Adnan Ahmed is a Football from Pakistan.
  • Adnan Ahmed (politician)
    Adnan Ahmed (politician) is a Politician from Pakistan.
  • Adnan Ahmedic is a Guitar from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Adnan Akbar is a Designer from Saudi Arabia.
  • Adnan Akmal is a Cricket from Pakistan.
  • Adnan Akram is a Cricket from United Kingdom.
  • Adnan Al Awamleh is a Producer from Jordan.
  • Adnan Al Kakoun is a Journalist from Lebanon.
  • Adnan Al Rajeev is a Producer from Bangladesh.
  • Adnan Al Talyani is a Football from United Arab Emirates.
  • Adnan Al-Gashey
    Adnan Al-Gashey is a Olympic from Palestine.
  • Adnan Al-Hafez
    Adnan Al-Hafez is a Football from Syria.
  • Adnan Al-Kaissie
    Adnan Al-Kaissie is a Wrestler from Iraq.
  • Adnan Al-Qattan
    Adnan Al-Qattan is a Imam from Bahrain.
  • Adnan Al-Rifaey
    Adnan Al-Rifaey is a Writer from Syria.
  • Adnan Al-Sayegh
    Adnan Al-Sayegh is a Poet from Iraq.
  • Adnan Al-Shargi
    Adnan Al-Shargi is a Football from Lebanon.
  • Adnan Al-Shuaibat
    Adnan Al-Shuaibat is a Football from Jordan.
  • Adnan AlKateb is a Journalist from United Kingdom.
  • Adnan Ali Daif is a Football from Bahrain.
  • Adnan Aliev is a Canoe from Bulgaria.
  • Adnan Alihodžić
    Adnan Alihodžić is a Football from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Adnan Alisic is a Football from Netherlands.
  • Adnan Amar is a Boxer from United Kingdom.
  • Adnan Atassi is a Diplomat from Syria.
  • Adnan Awad is a Army from Palestine.
  • Adnan Babajić
    Adnan Babajić is a Singer from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Adnan Badr Hassan is a Politician from Syria.
  • Adnan Badran is a Politician from Jordan.
  • Adnan Baig is a Cricket from Pakistan.
  • Adnan Barakat is a Football from Morocco.
  • Adnan Baytar is a Football from Turkey.

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