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Page 3 Looking for a Baby Boy Name for Virgo Zodiac? Here is the list of 960 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Like
Palvish Courageous
Palvit Name of Lord Vishnu
Pambavasan One who lives in Pamba
Pan-it Admired
Panav Prince
Panay Sprout, Blossom
Panchajana Five eyed, Lord Shiva, Couch of Krishna
Panchajanya Five eyed, Lord Shiva, Couch of Krishna
Panchal Lord Shiva
Pancham Symbol or the Fifth, Symbol
Panchanan Five eyed, Name of Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva
Panchavaktra Five faced, Lord Hanuman
Panchavati It means a place having five auspecious trees- Bel
Pandalavasan One who Lives in Pandala ( a Place )
Pandhari Lord vithobha
Pandi Lord Pandi Muni, Lord Pandi
Pandian South indian kings
Pandit Priest, One who have Very Good Knowledge
Pandita Scholar
Pandiyaraj King of the King,
Pandu Fruit,
Pandurang A deity, One with pale white complexion
Panduranga One with Pale White Complexion
Pandurangan A deity, One with pale white complexion
Pandya South indian dynasty
Panine A Sanskrit grammarian
Panini A Sanskrit grammarian
Panju Smooth
Pankaj Lotus Flower, Awesome, Lotus flower
Pankaja Mud Born, Lotus
Pankajalochana Lotus eyed, Lord Krishna
Pankajam Lotus
Pankajan Lotus, Lord Vishnu
Pankajeet Eagle, Garuda, Eagle Garuda
Pankil Name of a Bird, Mud with water
Pankit A Line, Line
Pankita Line, Sentence
Pankoj Sea, Ocean, Water

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