Baby Names for Scorpio Zodiac

Page 9 Looking for a Baby Name for Scorpio Zodiac? Here is the list of 1485 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Page 9 Baby Names for Scorpio Zodiac - NamesLook


Name Meaning Gender Like
Natwar Lord Krishna Boy
Naubahar Spring Boy
Nauhar 9 garlands Boy
Nauka Boat Boy
Naunidh Nine treasures Boy
Naureen Light, Honour, Honor Girl
Nausad Happy Boy
Nav Name Boy
Navadeep Light, The ever new light, New lamp Boy
Navadurga All nine forms of Durga Girl
Navaj New Kingdom, New Order, Newly Born Boy
Navaja New Girl
Navakanth New light Boy
Naval Wonder, New, Modern Boy
Navalan Orator Boy
Navam New Boy
Navamalli Jasmine Girl
Navamani Nine Crystle, Boy
Navami New, Nineth Tithi in Astrology Girl
Navan Champion, King of the jews Boy
Navaneet Butter, New Lesson, Fresh butter Boy
Navaneeta Fresh butter, Gentle, Soft, Always new Girl
Navaneeth Lord Krishna, Butter, Fresh butter, Gentle Boy
Navaneetha Fresh butter, Gentle, Soft, Always new Girl
Navanit Fresh butter Boy
Navanit Viliptanga Lord whose body is smeared with butter Boy
Navanith Fresh butter, Gentle, Soft, Always new Boy
Navanya Beautiful Girl
Navapriyan Boy
Navaraj Tune, New rule Boy
Navaranjani Girl
Navaratna Nine Types of Gems, Nine precious stones Boy
Navashen The one who brings hope Boy
Navashree New Girl
Navasmita Girl
Navavyakruti Pandita skilful scholar Boy
Navay New, Nootan, Cute, Naya Boy
Navdeep New Flame, New Shine, New Destination Boy
Navdha New Girl
Navdip Light, The ever new light, New lamp Boy

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