Baby Names for Scorpio Zodiac

Page 8 Looking for a Baby Name for Scorpio Zodiac? Here is the list of 1485 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Page 8 Baby Names for Scorpio Zodiac - NamesLook


Name Meaning Gender Like
Narottam Best among men, Lord Vishnu Boy
Narpathi King Boy
Narpati King Boy
Narresh King Boy
Narsappa Boy
Narshi Lord of Narasimha, Lion Among Men, Poet Boy
Narsi Poet, Saint Boy
Narsimha Lord of Narasimha, Lion Among Men Boy
Narsimlu Boy
Narsimulu Gods Name Boy
Narsinh Boy
Nartana Makes others dance Boy
Narun Leader of men Boy
Naruna Leader of men Boy
Naseeb Faith Luck, Future, Fait, Noble, Relative Girl
Naseen Cool breeze Girl
Nashal Courage Boy
Nashika Forgiver, One who Forgives, Indestructible Girl
Natabhairavi Name of a Raga Girl
Natakapriya Name of a Raga Girl
Natali Princess Girl
Natalia Born on Christmas Day, Christ's Birthday Girl
Natalie Born on Christmas, Christ's Birthday Girl
Natam Best studier Boy
Nataraj Lord Shiva, King of the art of dancing Boy
Nataraja King of Dancers, Lord Shiva Boy
Natarajan God Shiva, Boy
Natasha Child Born at Christmas Girl
Natesan Lord of Dancers, Lord Shiva, Boy
Natesh King of Nation, King, Lord Shiva Boy
Nateshwar Lord of Dancers, Lord Shiva Boy
Nateshwari The Consort of Nateshwara, Goddess Durga Girl
Nath Lord, Ruler, Lord/protector Boy
Nathan Gift from God, God has Given, Given Boy
Nathin Protected, Warrior, Ambitious Boy
Nathiya Sweet, Eternal, Constant Girl
Natick Boy
Natraj King Among Actors, Name of Lord Shiva Boy
Natrisha Girl
Natun New Girl

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