Baby Names for Sagittarius Zodiac

Page 3 Looking for a Baby Name for Sagittarius Zodiac? Here is the list of 716 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Bhairavi A Melody in Classical Music Girl
Bhairvi Goddess Parvati Girl
Bhaithwik Boy
Bhajan Worshipped, Adoration Boy
Bhajna Praise, Adoration Girl
Bhajuna Sun Light, Girl
Bhakt Devotee of God, Devotee Boy
Bhakthavatsala Protector of devotees Boy
Bhakthi Devotion, Prayer Girl
Bhakthipriya Goddess Durga Girl
Bhakti Devotion, Prayer Boy
Bhal Chandra Young Moon, Moon crested Lord Boy
Bhalanetra One who has An eye in the forehead Boy
Bhalchandra Moon-crested Lord, Moon crested Lord Boy
Bhalendra Lord of light Boy
Bhama Light, Splendour, Charming, Beautiful Boy
Bhamini Glorious, Woman, Beautiful, Brilliant Girl
Bhanavi Sacred, Illuminating Girl
Bhandhavi Friendship, Relationship Girl
Bhandhavya Friendship, Relationship Boy
Bhanu The Sun, Right Judgement Boy
Bhanu Priya The suns beloved Girl
Bhanu Rekha Sun rays Girl
Bhanudas A devotee of the Sun Boy
Bhanuja River Yamuna, Born of the Sun Boy
Bhanumathi Beautiful, Famous, Full of Lustre Girl
Bhanumati Beautiful, Famous, Full of Lustre Girl
Bhanumitra Friend of Sun, Planet mercury Boy
Bhanuni Charming woman Girl
Bhanuprakash Sunrise, Sun Light, Sun light Boy
Bhanuprasad Gift of Sun Boy
Bhanupriya Beloved of the Sun, The suns beloved Girl
Bhanusree Sun, Rays of Laxmidevi Boy
Bhanusri Sun, Rays of Laxmidevi Girl
Bhanvi Daughter of Sun, Sun-rays, Sunrays Girl
Bharadwaj A Sage, A Mythical Bird, A Lucky Bird Boy
Bharan Jewel Boy
Bharani Name of a Celestial Star Boy
Bharanidhar Who rule the world Boy
Bharat Candidate, India, Universal Monarch Boy

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