Baby Girl Names for Libra Zodiac

Looking for a Baby Girl Name for Libra Zodiac? Here is the list of 717 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Like
Raadha Wealth, Success, Lightning, Krishnas Love
Raadhana Speech, **
Raadhani Worship, **
Raadhi Achievement, Perfection, Success
Raadhika Lord Krishna's Girlfriend, Form of Radha
Raaga Belongs to music terms, Melody
Raagavi Sings with Raaga, God of Raghavendra
Raagini A melody, Music, Passionate about Music
Raakhi Symbol of protection
Raashi The sign of the zodiac, Collection
Raasya With essence, Sentimental
Rabani Divine, God's Favourite Child
Rachana Creation, Creater, Writer, Construction
Rachi To Form, Lamb, East, Morning (1)
Rachika Creator, Mirage or Ray
Rachiyata Creator
Rachna Construction, Arrangement, Creative Art
Radha Success, Prosperity
Radhamani Beloved of Lord Krishna,
Radhana Speech
Radhani Worship
Radharani Created, Wife of Shiva ( Rudra )
Radhya Name of Radha, To be Worshipped
Radnya Daughter of king
raga Harmonious, Melody, Tune, Feeling, Beauty
Ragajanani Goddess Durga
Ragavardhini Name of a Raga
Ragavarshini One who showers ragas
Ragavathi Passionate
Ragavi Beautiful, Lord Siva, Sings with Raaga
Ragavinodini Name of a Raga
Raghavi Goddess Lakshmi, Music, God of Raghavendra
Raghupriya Name of a Raga
Ragii Loving, Very much attached
Ragini Singer, A Melody, A melody, Music
Rahini Goddess Saraswati
Rahitya Inviting Goddess Laxmi,
Rahni Goddess Saraswati, Princess
Rai Trust, Love, One Name of Radha, Radha
Raihanna Sweet Basil, Sweet smelling plant

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