Baby Boy Names for Leo Zodiac

Page 5 Looking for a Baby Boy Name for Leo Zodiac? Here is the list of 799 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.


Name Meaning Like
Mahendran The great God Indra the God of the Sky)
Maher Adept, Generous, Skilled, Able
Mahesh God of Love, Lord Shiva, Dashing
Mahesha Shiva, Supreme Lord
Maheshwar Lord Shiva, God Shankar
Maheshwara Shiva, Lord of gods
Maheshwaram Lord of the universe
Maheswar Lord Shiva, God Shankar
Mahi The World, God of Victory
Mahidhar Adisesh, Vishnu, Angry Man
Mahijith Conqueror of the earth
Mahima Glorious, Greatness
Mahiman Dignity, Power, Praise
Mahin The earth
Mahindra A king
Mahipal King of the Earth, A King, A king
Mahipathi King
Mahipati King
Mahir Expert, Industrious, Skilled, Brave
Mahiraj Ruler of the world
Mahiransh Milk Prod, Its part of Mahi milk prod
Mahish A King, Ceremoniously Crowned King, A king
Mahisha Buffalo, Destroyer of Mahisha
Mahit Son of Earth, Honoured, Honored
Mahita Praised, Greatness
Mahith Honoured, Honored
Mahnav Same as Manav, Gold, Human
Mahodara Generous and kind
Mahok Eminent
Mahrishi Yogi
Maieveen Lovely,
Maimat Devoted, A promise to God
Mainak Son of Himalaya, Submerged Mountain
Mairav Friendly, Born of mount Meru
Mairava Kingdom, Mairava
Maitra Friend, Friendly
Maitraiy Name of An ancient Rishi
Makali The Moon
Makar Inspiration, Blessed

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