Baby Names for Cancer Zodiac

Page 2 Looking for a Baby Name for Cancer Zodiac? Here is the list of 683 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Hamsanandi Supreme happiness Girl
Hamsanandini Name of a Raga Girl
Hamsi Swan Girl
Hamsika Beautiful Swan, Goddess Saraswati Girl
Hamsikha Saraswathi Girl
Hamsini One who Rides a Swan, Goddess Saraswati Girl
Hamsini  One who rides a swan, Saraswati Girl
Hanarvin Girl
Haneesh Lord Shiva, God Hanuman, Ambition Boy
Haneesha Gift of God, Beautiful night Girl
Hani Happy, Content, Delighted, Pleasant (1) Boy
Hanika Swan, Graceful Like Swan, Beautiful Girl
Hanima A wave Girl
Hanisa Beautiful night Girl
Hanish God, God of Weather, Lord Shiva, Ambition Boy
Hanisha Beautiful Night, Sweetest, Sweet as Honey Girl
Hanishi Swan, Girl
Hanishka Be Loved, Sweetness Girl
Hanita One who Rides a Swan, Goddess Saraswati Girl
Hans Swan, God is Gracious Boy
Hansa Swan Boy
Hansal God is gracious, Swan like, Smiling Boy
Hansamala A line, Row of swans (1) Girl
Hansanandini Daughter of a swan Girl
Hansaraj King of a swan Boy
Hansavathy Goddess Durga Girl
Hansaveni Another Name for Saraswathi Girl
Hansdhwani Vocal sound of swan Girl
Hanshal God is gracious, Swan like, Swan Like Boy
Hanshika Swan or Beautiful Lady Girl
Hanshit Like Honey Boy
Hanshita Swan Girl
Hanshith Like Honey Boy
Hansi Innocent, Swan, Soul, Pure, God is Gracious Boy
Hansik Swan, Swim Swimmer Boy
Hansika Swan, Love, Baby of Swan Girl
Hansin The Universal Soul Boy
Hansini Swan-like, Swan Boy
Hansraj King of swans Boy
Hansuja Goddess Lakshmi Girl

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