Baby Names for Aries Zodiac

Page 2 Looking for a Baby Name for Aries Zodiac? Here is the list of 3366 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Page 2 Baby Names for Aries Zodiac - NamesLook


Name Meaning Gender Like
Aaditey Son of Aditi Boy
Aaditeya Son of aditi, The Sun (Son of Aditi) Boy
Aadith Peak, Lord of Sun Boy
Aadithi Peak Girl
Aadithya Lord of the Sun, The Sun, Sun God Boy
Aadithyakethu One of the kauravas Boy
Aaditri Highest honor, Goddess Lakshmi Girl
Aaditva The Sun, Variant of aditya: the Sun Boy
Aaditya Sun, The sun, Lord of the Sun, The Sun Boy
Aadiv Delicate Boy
Aadrika Goddess Lakshmi, Mountain, Celestial Girl
Aadriti Durga Girl
Aadvay Unique, One, United Boy
Aadvik Unique, None of Second Boy
Aadvika Unique, Matchless, World, Earth Girl
Aadya Light, The Earliest, Lord Shiva Boy
Aadya   The initial reality Girl
Aadyant Infinite from beginning (Aadi) to end ant Boy
Aadyot Praise Boy
Aagam Coming, Arrival, arrival Boy
Aaghnya Born from fire, Goddess Lakshmi Girl
Aaghosh A Polite Asking, Any cheerful event Boy
Aagney Son of the Fire God, Born from Fire Boy
Aagneya Son of Agni, Son of the Fire Boy
Aahaan Morning Boy
Aahan Iron, Sword, Dawn (Early Morning) Boy
Aahil Prince, Pleasant, Brave Prince Boy
Aahlaad Delight, Teach, Joy, Happy, Happiness Boy
Aahlad Delight, Joy, Happy, Happiness, Attraction Boy
Aahladita Bubbling with delight Girl
Aahna Exist Boy
Aahnik Prayer Boy
Aahva Beloved Boy
Aahvan An invitation call Boy
Aaish God blessings Boy
Aakaanksha Wish, Desire (1), Wish or Desire Girl
Aakaansha Wish, Desire, Dream Girl
Aakaar Shape Boy
Aakampan Unshaken, Calm Boy
Aakanksh Desire, Hope Boy

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