Welsh Baby Boy Names

160 Welsh Baby Boy names available with meaning. Browse all the 160 Welsh Baby Boy names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Welsh Baby Boy Names | 100+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Aeron Exalted, On High
Aled Offspring
Badan Boar
Barris Son of Harry
Berwyn Fair Haired
Beven Youthful, Son of Evan
Bevon Evan's Son
Bleddyn Wolf Hero
Bowen Son of Owen
Brice Strength, Valor, Son of a Nobleman
Bryce Son of a Nobleman, Quick-moving, Speckled
Brychan Speckled, Spotted
Brynmor Great Hill
Cadel Small Battle, Spirit of the Battle
Cadell Battle
Caden Barrel, Fighter, The Spirit of Battle
Cadwallader Battle Leader
Cain Craftsman, Warrior's Son, Spear, Archaic
Caio Joy, Happy, To Rejoice
Caradoc Love, Dearly Loved
Caradog Affection, Amiable
Carey Place Name, Near the Castle, Dark One
Cas Curly-haired, Lover, Loving Person
Cedric Battle Chieftain, War Leader, Chief
Cedrick War Leader, Gift of Splendor
Ceredig Cherished
Ceretic Cherished
Clyde Refers to the Scottish Clyde River
Colwyn Name of a River in Wales
Conway Hound of the Plain, Holy River
Crist Christian
Cyndeyrn Head Chief
Deron Belongs to God, Justice
Deverell From the Bank of the River
Dewey Prized, Form of David, Beloved, Dear One
Dewi Beloved, Friend
Dillan Faithful, Loyal, Form of Dillon
Dover Water
Drew Manly, Wise, Masculine
Dru Manly, Similar to Andrew Manly, Masculine

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