Welsh Baby names starting with G

Welsh Baby names starting with G - 46 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Welsh Baby names starting with G - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Gareth Strong Spear, Spear Brave, Spear Champion Boy
Garreth Gentle Boy
Garwyn Friend in Battle, Friend with a Spear Boy
Garyth Spear Brave, Gentle Boy
Gaven Little Falcon Boy
Gavin Little Falcon, White Hawk of Battle Boy
Gavyn White Hawk, White Falcon, Little Falcon Boy
Gawaine Little Falcon Boy
Gaynor White and Smooth, Soft, White and Soft Girl
Genevieve White Wave, Race of Women Girl
Genna White Wave, Fair Phantom, Juniper Berry Girl
Gennie Race of Women, White Wave Girl
Gennifer White and Smooth, Soft Girl
Genny White Wave, Race of Women Girl
Gerwyn Fair Love Boy
Gethin Dark-skinned Boy
Ginevra Juniper Tree, White, Smooth, Soft Girl
Gladis Lame Girl
Gladys Lame, Disabled, Princess, Small Sword Girl
Glenda Holy, Divine Goodness, Pure Girl
Glenis Fair, Good, Holy Girl
Glenys Beautiful and Holy, Holy Girl
Glinda Fair, Good, Blend of Glenda and Linda Girl
Glynda Fair, Good Girl
Glynis Small Valley, Pure, Holy, Valley, Clean Girl
Govan Legendary Son of Caw Boy
Griffen Fighting Chief, Fierce, Hooked One Boy
Griffith Strong Chief, Fierce Warrior, Chief, Lord Boy
Gruffudd Red Haired, Chief, Lord Boy
Gwen Fair, Blessed, Form of Gwendolyn, Holy Girl
Gwenda White, Fair, Blessed and Good Girl
Gwendoline Blessed, White Circle, Fair Bow Girl
Gwendolyn Fair Bow, White Ring, Blessed Ring Girl
Gwenhwyfar White, Fair, Smooth, Fair and Yielding Girl
Gwenn Of the White Brow, White and Smooth, Soft Girl
Gwyn White, Pure, Sacred Holy, Form of Gwyneth Girl
Gwynedd White, Happiness, Blessed Girl
Gwyneth Happiness, Blessed, Fortunate, Fair Girl
Gwynneth White, Fair, Happiness, Blessed Girl
Griffin Fierce Girl

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