Welsh Baby Names

309 Welsh Baby Names Available With Name Meaning. Browse All 309 Welsh Baby Names And Choose The Perfect Name For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Aeron Exalted, On High Boys Name
Aled Offspring Boys Name
Aneira Man of Honor, Gold Girls Name
Anwen Very Beautiful, Very Fair Girls Name
Ariana Pledge, Land of Arians, Noble, Pure Girls Name
Ariene Man, Silvery Girls Name
Avalon Boy/Girl
Badan Boar Boys Name
Barris Son of Harry Boys Name
Berwyn Fair Haired Boys Name
Bethan Consecrated to God Girls Name
Beven Youthful, Son of Evan Boys Name
Bevon Evan's Son Boys Name
Bleddyn Wolf Hero Boys Name
Bowen Son of Owen Boys Name
Brice Strength, Valor, Son of a Nobleman Boys Name
Bryce Son of a Nobleman, Quick-moving, Speckled Boys Name
Brychan Speckled, Spotted Boys Name
Brynmor Great Hill Boys Name
Brynn Hill, Mount, Defender Girls Name
Brynna Mount, Defender Girls Name
Cadel Small Battle, Spirit of the Battle Boys Name
Cadell Battle Boys Name
Caden Barrel, Fighter, The Spirit of Battle Boys Name
Cadmael Boy/Girl
Cadoc Boy/Girl
Cadwallader Battle Leader Boys Name
Cain Craftsman, Warrior's Son, Spear, Archaic Boys Name
Caio Joy, Happy, To Rejoice Boys Name
Caradoc Love, Dearly Loved Boys Name
Caradog Affection, Amiable Boys Name
Carey Place Name, Near the Castle, Dark One Boys Name
Carwyn Boy/Girl
Carys Love Girls Name
Cas Curly-haired, Lover, Loving Person Boys Name
Cedric Battle Chieftain, War Leader, Chief Boys Name
Cedrick War Leader, Gift of Splendor Boys Name
Ceinwen Beautiful Gems Girls Name
Ceredig Cherished Boys Name
Ceretic Cherished Boys Name

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