Vietnamese Baby Names

91 Vietnamese Baby names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 91 Vietnamese Baby names to name your baby on 2022.

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Bian Boy/Girl
Bich Boy/Girl
Binh Peace Girl
Cam Orange Fruit, Man with Crooked Nose Boy
Canh Scenery, Environment Boy
Cara Beloved, Friend, Dear One, Precious Jewel Girl
Chau Boy/Girl
Chinh Boy/Girl
Cuc Boy
Danh Fame, Prestige Boy
Diep Leaves Girl
Dinh Boy/Girl
Diu Tender, Gentle, Mellow Girl
Duc Boy/Girl
Duong Positiveness, Virility Boy
Giang Boy/Girl
Hai River, Sea, Two, Second Boy
Hanh Boy/Girl
Hau Boy/Girl
Hien Nice, Kind, Gentle, Quiet Boy
Hoa A Type of Flower Girl
Huong Boy/Girl
Huy Sending Light out, Brightness Boy
Kim From the Royal Fortress Meadow, Chief War Girl
Lanh Gentle Girl
Linh Boy/Girl
Mai Flower Boy
Minh Boy/Girl
Ngai Boy/Girl
Ngoc Boy/Girl
Nguyen Origin Boy
Nguyet Boy/Girl
Nhung Boy/Girl
Phuc Boy/Girl
Phuong Boy/Girl
Quan Boy/Girl
Quang Boy/Girl
Quy Boy/Girl
Quyen Boy/Girl
Suong Fog Girl

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