Vietnamese Baby Names

91 Vietnamese Baby names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 91 Vietnamese Baby names to name your baby on 2023.



Name Meaning Gender Like
Bian Boy/Girl
Bich Boy/Girl
Binh Peace Girl
Cam Orange Fruit, Man with Crooked Nose Boy
Canh Scenery, Environment Boy
Cara Beloved, Friend, Dear One, Precious Jewel Girl
Chau Boy/Girl
Chinh Boy/Girl
Cuc Boy
Danh Fame, Prestige Boy
Diep Leaves Girl
Dinh Boy/Girl
Diu Tender, Gentle, Mellow Girl
Duc Boy/Girl
Duong Positiveness, Virility Boy
Giang Boy/Girl
Hai River, Sea, Two, Second Boy
Hanh Boy/Girl
Hau Boy/Girl
Hien Nice, Kind, Gentle, Quiet Boy
Hoa A Type of Flower Girl
Huong Boy/Girl
Huy Sending Light out, Brightness Boy
Kim From the Royal Fortress Meadow, Chief War Girl
Lanh Gentle Girl
Linh Boy/Girl
Mai Flower Boy
Minh Boy/Girl
Ngai Boy/Girl
Ngoc Boy/Girl
Nguyen Origin Boy
Nguyet Boy/Girl
Nhung Boy/Girl
Phuc Boy/Girl
Phuong Boy/Girl
Quan Boy/Girl
Quang Boy/Girl
Quy Boy/Girl
Quyen Boy/Girl
Suong Fog Girl

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