Vietnamese Baby Boy Names

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Name Meaning Like
Cam Orange Fruit 🖤
Canh Scenery, Environment 🖤
Cuc 🖤
Danh Fame, Prestige 🖤
Duong Positiveness, Virility 🖤
Hai River, Sea, Two, Second 🖤
Hien Nice, Kind, Gentle, Quiet 🖤
Huy Sending Light out, Brightness 🖤
Mai Flower 🖤
Nguyen Origin 🖤
Teo Gift of God, God 🖤
Thai Many, Multiple 🖤
Thom Twin 🖤
Thu Lord Murugan, Autumn, God 🖤
Thuan Tamed, Conforming 🖤
Thuc Aware 🖤
Toan Complete, Mathematics 🖤
Trai Sparkle 🖤
Trang Dawn, Decorated, Honored 🖤
Trieu Tide 🖤
Tuyen Angel 🖤
Vuong Prosperous, Developed 🖤
Hao Good, Perfect 🖤
Van Traditional Middle Name to Indicate a Boy 🖤
Yen Calm, Shallow 🖤
Dat Accomplished, To Attain 🖤
Due Virtuous 🖤
Dung Heroism, Brave, Heroic, Strong 🖤
Lan Fence 🖤
Lap Mature, Independent 🖤
Long Dragon, Grand 🖤
Sang Mulberry, Bright, Noble, Mutual 🖤
Tam Twin, Heart 🖤
Tho Longevity, Long Living 🖤
Tin Thinker 🖤
Tong Fragrant, Garland of Gold 🖤
Khan With Raising Tone, Audience 🖤
Bay Russet-haired, Auburn-haired 🖤
Hoc To Study 🖤
Hue Hue (Hew), Heart, Mind, Spirit 🖤
Loc Lives by the Stronghold, Luck 🖤
Tan Lion, Leather-tanner, New 🖤
Chi Man with purpose 🖤
Sinh Full of life 🖤

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