Urdu Baby Names

161 Urdu Baby names available with meaning. Browse all the 161 Urdu Baby names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Aaban Of an Angel, 8th Persian Month Boy
Aaiza Pretty, Wonderful Girl
Abdulhafid Servant of the Protector Boy
Afad Boy
Afza Augmenting, Increasing Girl
Ahad Another Name for God, An Individual, Alone Boy
Aissa Wonderful Girl
Alema Loveable Girl
Allen Beautiful Woman Girl
Arhal King Boy
Arof Respecting, Good Nature Boy
Asfar Morning Light Boy
Ashfia Booster, Supporter, Storm, High Wind Girl
Ashi Evening, Night, Reward, Smile, Happy Girl
Azmia Gold, Brave, Strong, Courageous Girl
Belkis Princess / Queen, Queen of Sheba Girl
Diyana Giver of gifts Girl
Fareeq Distribution Boy
Farhiya Happy, Pretty, Nice Girl
Farishta Angel Girl
Fariss Boy
Fazira Purity Boy
Fazna Winner Girl
Ghazia Child of God Boy
Hartaj God's Crown Boy
Hozaifa A Companion of the Prophet Boy
Imsha Intelligent Girl
Ishama Queen of India Girl
Jafi Soul Boy
Jahira Good Girl
Jalina God Girl
Jasrin Beautiful Angel Girl
Jue Generosity Girl
Kahdijah Wife of Prophet Muhammed Girl
Khalid Immortal, Everlasting, Eternal Boy
Khushnuma Beautiful Girl
Kumail Whole Complete Mature Boy
Laham Intuition, Conjecture, Wisdom Boy
Lahna Beauty Girl
Leyan Girl

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