Upcoming Features on NamesLook

To make the best use of NamesLook we always updating fresh content and prodiving new services that will make the parent's baby naming work easy. As the part of this currently our team working on the following developments, If you need or If you have other ideas to improve our website please suggest us

NamesLook Android,IOS and Windows Apps

As the rapid increase of smartphone users, need of mobile applications also increased because most people prefer apps over website because apps are easy to access and it has high features compared to website so our mobile apps development team working on creating android,ios,windows apps for NamesLook and it will be launched at the end of September.

NamesLook Baby Names Book

We are creating downloadable pdf book for view baby names offline. It will availble on our website soon.

NamesLook Blog

To keep updated with what's going around the world in the baby naming, we are creating wordpress blog for posting information about baby names.

NamesLook Forum

To communicate between the NamesLook Community Members we are creating forum that will useful for ask suggestions to others for naming a baby.

This document was last updated on Dec 3, 2016