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Name Meaning Gender Like
Maurya The King, Bitter, Head of a Kingdom, Leader Boys Name
Omica God's Blessing, Gift Girls Name
Logesh Leadership for World, Lord Shiva Boys Name
Rohaank Part of Soul Boys Name
Vinuta Goddess Lakshmi, Requester, Unique Girls Name
Yashwanthika Girls Name
Ausheanna There is no meaning Girls Name
Aadolf Distinguished or strong wolf Boys Name
Vajraa thunderbolt and mythical weapon Boys Name
Vivraj Winner, king, Lord, Kings son Boys Name
Dejiane Girls Name
Nbuster Humerus and impish Boys Name
Mrithvin Boys Name
Andielet Girls Name
Viyo Boys Name
Akheil Boys Name
Keshvika Girls Name
Kimeru Boys Name
Shohitha Girls Name
Swajana Girls Name
Hussar Boys Name
Bagasa Girls Name
Brezhnev Boys Name
Yaagnesh Boys Name
Madarni Girls Name
Marnadha Girls Name
Tharishi Girls Name
Enza Girls Name
Rinishaa Girls Name
Ukail Boys Name
Henshika Girls Name
Ilaesh Boys Name
Athidon Boys Name
Corphilia Girls Name
Edilay Girls Name
Shivamallesh Boys Name
Subhangini Girls Name
Voskari Girls Name
Yaneetha Girls Name
Delvadiya Girls Name