Turkish Baby Girl Names

93 Turkish Baby Girl names available with meaning. Browse all the 93 Turkish Baby Girl names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Like
Adalet Justice
Afet Lovable
Ahu Calling, Invoking
Alev Flame
Asli Original, Pure, Genuine, Real
Ayla Circle of Cristalic Light Around the Sun or Moon
Aylin Moon Halo
Ayse Peace
Aysel Moon Stream
Aysun As Beautiful as the Moon
Ayten Skin Shiny Like Moon
Belkis Princess / Queen, Queen of Sheba
Belma Husband
Berna Bear, Courageous, Brave Like a Bear
Beste Musical, Melody
Bibi Lady, Woman, Full of Life
Binnur A Thousand Lights
Birsen You are Unique
Ceyda Beautiful Woman
Deniz Sea
Dicle Beautiful Gorgeous River in Kurdistan
Dilara Lover
Dilruba Heart-ravishing
Elif Slim, Tall, First
Emel Desire
Emine Faithful, Truthful, Rival, Laborious, Eager
Fatma The Prophet Mohammad's Daughter
Feray Moonlight, Radiance of the Moon
Feriha Joyful, Happiness
Feryal Beauty of Light
Filiz Blossom, Flower Shoot
Firdevs Garden in Gana, Highest Level in Gana
Gamze When Someone Smiles, Dimple on her Cheek
Gunel The Sun of the People Nation
Harika Lord Vishnu, Beloved by Indra, Wonderful
Havva Wind, Flower, Women, Alive, Living
Hayat Life
Hediye Gift
Husna Beautiful, A Belle
Ilkay Moon

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