Cute Turkish Baby Names

Page 5 367 Turkish Baby Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 367 Turkish Baby Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Nesrin Field of Wild Roses Girls Name
Rezan Cut Girls Name
Seher Month, Early Morning Girls Name
Selin Lush, Flowing Water Girls Name
Saliha Pure, Devoted Girls Name
Yelda Dark Night Girls Name
Zehra Flower Girls Name
Berat Letters Patent, Authorization Letter Boys Name
Berin Boys Name
Gunel The Sun of the People Nation Girls Name
Taylar Angel Girls Name
Altan Red Rising Sun, Red Dawn Boys Name
Altin Golden Boys Name
Atilla Beloved Father Boys Name
Bai Cypress, Landlord, Householder, White, Pure Boys Name
Buri Wolf Boys Name
Baris Peaceful, Sharp, Pointed Boys Name
Burak A Creature that Transported the Prophet Muhammad Boys Name
Bairam Festival, Happy Occasion Boys Name
Bayram Celebration, Religious Festival Boys Name
Cem Ruler Boys Name
Cenk War, Battle Boys Name
Demir Iron Boys Name
Hakan Of the Highest Race, High Son, Fire Boys Name
Halil Flute, Clear Boys Name
Hamit Praised, Commendable Boys Name
Mircea Marvelous Boys Name
Onur Honor Boys Name
Ozan Poet, Bard Boys Name
Orhan Army Commander Boys Name
Sener Fierce Stronghold Boys Name
Soner Last Man, Last Soldier Boys Name
Veli Brother Boys Name
Zeki Smart, Intelligent Boys Name
Zafer Victory Boys Name
Afet Lovable Girls Name
Alev Flame Girls Name
Aysel Moon Stream Girls Name
Aysun As Beautiful as the Moon Girls Name
Ayten Skin Shiny Like Moon Girls Name