Cute Turkish Baby Names

Page 4 367 Turkish Baby Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 367 Turkish Baby Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Mizyal Boys Name
Muammar Built, Constructed, Senior Boys Name
Muhammed Praised and Commendable Boys Name
Mustapha Honest, Intelligent, Chosen One, Prophet Boys Name
Nafiz Clean, Beautiful Boys Name
Nazmi Star Boys Name
Nizami Boys Name
Nureddin Light of the Religion Boys Name
Othman Wealthy Boys Name
Rauf Kind, Merciful, Compassionate Boys Name
Riza Pleasure Boys Name
Rushd On the Right Path Boys Name
Ramazan Ninth Month of Muslim Calendar Boys Name
Rasheid Righteous, Rightly Advised Boys Name
Rasheyd Righteous, Rightly Advised Boys Name
Saim Fasting Boys Name
Sina Sinai, Explorer of Knowledge Boys Name
Sabit Strong, Certain, Well-established, Sure Boys Name
Sadri Chief Seat, Judge, Leader Boys Name
Salih Right, Good, Safe, Whole, Flawless, Virtuous Boys Name
Salik Follower of a Spiritual Path, Passable Boys Name
Sarar Mercury, Quicksilver, Patient Boys Name
Selim Safe, Sound, Peace Boys Name
Sinan Spear Head, Who Fight in Badar War, True Boys Name
Turan Brave Boys Name
Tabari Famous Muslim Historian Boys Name
Tahsin Pure Boys Name
Turhan Of Mercy Boys Name
Yahya God's Gift, Living, Given by God, John Boys Name
Yunus The Biblical Jonas is the English Language Equivalent Boys Name
Zihni Cerebral, Intellectual Boys Name
Ayse Peace Girls Name
Belkis Princess / Queen, Queen of Sheba Girls Name
Dilara Lover Girls Name
Emine Faithful, Truthful, Rival, Laborious, Eager Girls Name
Firdevs Garden in Gana, Highest Level in Gana Girls Name
Melek Angel Girls Name
Nazan Proud, Haughty, Vain Girls Name
Nejla Pragasham Girls Name
Nigar Picture, Portrait, Sweetheart, Beautiful Girls Name