Cute Turkish Baby Names

Page 2 367 Turkish Baby Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 367 Turkish Baby Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Mustafa The Chosen One, Elected, Prophet Muhammad Boys Name
nuh The Biblical Noah is the English Language Equivalent Boys Name
Naim To Comfort, Ease, Tranquillity, Comfort Boys Name
Nuri Light, My Fire, Shining, Brightness Boys Name
Namik Famous Boys Name
Nazim Emperor, Poet, Arranger, Organizer, Adjuster Boys Name
Numan Blood, Red, Hard Boys Name
Ogan Wave Boys Name
Rafat Elevating, Elevation Boys Name
Raghib Desirous, Willing, Desiring Boys Name
Rashid Having the True Faith Boys Name
Rasheed Victory of Earth, Brave, Thinker Boys Name
Sadik Truthful Boys Name
Sadun Happy, Joly Boys Name
Salim Happy, Peaceful, Safe, Sound, Tranquillity Boys Name
Tahir Holy, Chaste, Modest, Clean, Pure, Innocent Boys Name
Tanik Little Boys Name
Tanju Younger Boys Name
Tufan Storm Boys Name
Yaman Proper Name, Blessed Boys Name
Yasar Ease, Wealth Boys Name
Yasin Rich, Protector of Fame Boys Name
Yalman Highest of a Mountain, Strong Man Boys Name
Ziya Splendour, Plendour, Light, Glow Boys Name
Ahu Calling, Invoking Girls Name
Ayla Circle of Cristalic Light Around the Sun or Moon Girls Name
Aylin Moon Halo Girls Name
Bibi Lady, Woman, Full of Life Girls Name
Belma Husband Girls Name
Dilruba Heart-ravishing Girls Name
Fatma The Prophet Mohammad's Daughter Girls Name
Feriha Joyful, Happiness Girls Name
Havva Wind, Flower, Women, Alive, Living Girls Name
Hayat Life Girls Name
Husna Beautiful, A Belle Girls Name
Harika Lord Vishnu, Beloved by Indra, Wonderful Girls Name
Kirali Girls Name
Melodi Special Girls Name
Nisa Night, Beauty, Lady, Women Girls Name
Rabia Famous, Godly, Spring, The Fourth Female Girls Name