Cute Turkish Baby Names

367 Turkish Baby Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 367 Turkish Baby Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Adil Sincere, Just, Fair, Judicious, Honest Boys Name
Akar Shape, Form Boys Name
Alim Learned, Scholarly, Omniscient, Wise Man Boys Name
Avni Name of a King, Earth, The earth Boys Name
Azad Free, Independence Boys Name
Aziz Powerful, Friend, Dear One, Precious Boys Name
Aagha Master, Lord, Chief, Brother Boys Name
Adnan Name of God, Proper Name, Good Fortune Boys Name
Ahmad Highly Praised, Commendable Boys Name
Akara Mine, A Collection Boys Name
Aslan Lion Boys Name
Asula Boys Name
Abidin Worshippers, Adorers Boys Name
Baha Beautiful, Magnificent, Brilliance, Glory Boys Name
Bala Name of God Murugan, Child, Young One Boys Name
Babar Lion, King of Jungle, Bold, Courageous Boys Name
Basha Stranger, King, Emperor, Noble Boys Name
Burhan Proof, Evidence Boys Name
Daghan Boys Name
Fuad Heart, Soul Boys Name
Fatin Captivating Boys Name
Fazil Talented, Scholar, Another Name for God Boys Name
Feroz Name of a King, Winner, Successful Boys Name
Gani Gold Boys Name
Habib Friend, Beloved One, Darling Boys Name
Halim Gentle, Generous, Compassionate, Composed Boys Name
Hasan Laughter, Good, Beautiful, Handsome Boys Name
Hasari Smiling Boys Name
Ihsan Beneficence, Charity, Compassion, Kindness Boys Name
Irfan Wisdom, Gratefulness, Knowledgeable Boys Name
Ismet Insusceptibility Boys Name
Kara Tax, Hand, The Cause of Boys Name
Kaya Wealth, Flower, Korean Kingdom Boys Name
Kadir Ray of Light, Shoot of Grass, Green Boys Name
Kahil Friend, Lover Boys Name
Latif Gentle, Pleasant, Caress or Gentle Slap Boys Name
Mulk Country, Kingdom, Supreme Power Boys Name
Mahir Expert, Industrious, Skilled, Brave Boys Name
Mazhar Appearance, Phenomenon, Manifestation Boys Name
Muhsin Beneficent, Charitable Boys Name