Cute Traditional Baby Girl Names

1020 Traditional Baby Girl Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 1020 Traditional Baby Girl Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Like
Anju One who Lives in the Heart, Blessing
Aadia Goddess Durga, Being a gift
Agila Globe, World, Humankind
Akira A Natural, Graceful Strength, Bright, Clear
Amari Strenth forever immortal, Eternal
Arthi Way of Showing Love to God, Worshiping
Aaarti Worship
Aashna Hope, Devoted to Love, Beloved, Friend
Agalya Lovable, Light, Accommodations, Adaptation
Akalka Pure, Moon Light, Free from Impurity
Anayra Happiness
Aparna Leafless, Precious Gemstone, Leaf, Dream
Aretha Woman of Virtue, Virtue, Best, Excellence
Atreyi Container of Glory, Name of a River
Adarsha Ideal
Alamelu Goddess, God Balaji Wife Name, Lotus
Anamika Name of Goddess Durga, Mysterious
Anshala Protective Shelter
Aradhna Worship
Akanksha Desire Expectations, Wish, Desire, Hope
Ambalika Mother, One who is Sensitive
Aradhana Worship, Prayer, Devoted Effort
Aaradhana Respectable, Worship, Prayer
Ankareeda Night Star, Graceful, Shining
Anshumala Garland of rays
Anuragini Beloved
Aakaanksha Wish, Desire (1), Wish or Desire
Amaravathy Flowing River
Aghanashini Destroyer of sins
Anandalakshmi Goddess of Lakshmi
Ananthalakshmi Eternally Fortunate
Buji A Loving Nick Name
Babita Polite
Barsha Rain
Baruna Wife of the Lord of the Sea, Foreign
Baruni Goddess Durga
Binita Modest, The Most Lovable
Baidehi Sita
Basanti Of Spring, Spring Season, Yellow Coloured
Bipasha A River, Beas, A river