Traditional Baby Boy Names

1749 Traditional Baby Boy names available with meaning. Browse all the 1749 Traditional Baby Boy names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Traditional Baby Boy Names | 1700+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Champavati The Daughter of an Ancient King Raja Sahil Verma
Chandan Sandalwood Tree, Cold, Sandalwood
Chander Moon, The Moon
Chanderjeet Conquer of the Moon
Chandidas Name of a Saint, Devotee of Chendi Devi
Chandrabanu Son of Lord Krishna
Chandrabha Lusture of Moon Light
Chandrabhushan Lord Shiva
Chandrachood Lord Shiva
Chandradhar One who Wears Moon, Lord Shiva
Chandragupt Name of ancient king
Chandrahas Smiling like a Moon, Bow of Shiva
Chandrak Peacock feather
Chandrakanth A Moon which has Magnetic Power
Chandranan The Moon, Moon like a face, Moon Like Face
Chandrasen King, The Moon
Chandrashekar One who holds Moon in his hair knot (Shiva)
Chandrayan The Moon
Chandresh Lord of the Moon
Chandrodaya Moonrise
Chandru Moon,
Chandu Moon, The Moon
Charan Feet, A Humble Person
Charandeep Light of God's Feet
Charanpreet Love of God's Feet
Charuchandra Beautilful Moon
Charuchitra Beautiful Picture
Charvak Ancient Philosopher
Chaten Perceptive, Consciousness, Life
Chatrapati Saviour of All, Lord of Umbrella
Chaturanan One with Four Faces, Brahma
Chetan Perceptive, Consciousness, Life
Chetananand Supreme Joy
Chidambar One whose heart is as big as the Sky
Chidanand Supreme Spirit, Lord Brahma
Chinmayananda Blissful, Supreme consciousness
Chintamani Philosopher's Stone, Name of Ganesha
Chiradeep Eternal Lamp
Chirag Lamp, Allaudins Lamps
Chiranjeet Immortal

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