Zodiac Sign (Rashi) Calculator

Find your or your baby's zodiac sign / moon sign using our zodiac sign (rashi) calculator. To find your zodiac sign you need correct date of birth and birth time details.

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  • β€œHello. I am Deaf from birth and I am 73 now on Sunday 2nd March 1947 at 4:00pm and my birthweight: 3 Lbs 11 oz 15 Lengths. I can’t speak and I can’t hearing. Regards Miss. Marian Grey.”

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  • β€œSinungaling kayo, scorpio ako, tapos lumabas Aries? Tapos kanina din sa Matching name, gago same lumabas din sa kaibigan ko. Mga paasaaa”

    Peanitalaine on June 27,2017
  • β€œWell... I know I'm not a Libra... I'm Pisces.”

    Faith Danielle Owens on April 28,2017