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Nakshatra finder is the best tool to find your or your baby's nakshatra by date of birth and birth time and also you can view baby names based on their nakshatra.

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  • Hi, my name is Dipti, and my numerology numbers are 3 and 9. My zodiac sign is Aries. My name means bring light to the darkness. I am super-hot. Does anyone want to marry me?

    Dipti on October 2,2022
  • my daughter name is Tanusha ,how to write name spelling in future

    tanusha on September 7,2022
  • Origin meaning of my name

    Melissa on July 28,2022
  • Future

    rithish on June 10,2022
  • No

    Rithish on June 10,2022
  • Demoing Omuin ,

    Woupm on April 23,2022
  • For my daughter

    Koushika on March 20,2022
  • About life

    BHANU MURTHI on January 10,2022
  • My zodaic

    BHANU MURTHI on January 10,2022
  • hi

    harmony on December 12,2021
  • Looking for Hasta Star, Algorab (Delta Corvi ) 1!sz1£ Brazil (Para) Amazon Born 4/1/1994 time 12.53,52 pm

    Silzie on July 23,2021
  • Girl

    Padmavathi on April 28,2021
  • I want twins baby girl name nuemarology nember set name

    Gokila on November 15,2020
  • Nuemarology name

    Gokila on November 15,2020
  • please find nakshatra and raasi for baby boy born in Johannesburg, South Africa Friday, 18 October,2019 at 06.51am pls suggest tamil/snaskrit names for boy baby relating to above. thnx

    Devilingum Dherman on October 18,2019
  • Tell me boy name in rohini nakastram

    lakshminarayanan on June 8,2019
  • Which pada

    Roopa Naganand on February 1,2018