Thai Baby Boy Names

60 Thai Baby Boy names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 60 Thai Baby Boy names to name your baby on 2021.

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Name Meaning Like
Akara Mine, A Collection
Alak World, Beautiful Tresses, Enjoyable Person
Ananda Joy, Happiness
Annan From the Brook
Arthit One who was Praying for, The Sun
Cha A Desire
Chai Life, Victory, Triumph
Chakri Lord Vishnu
Kanda Root, A Knot
Kavi A Wise Man, Poet, Beauty, A wise Man
Krit Handsome, Famous
Kusa The Sacred Grass
Linnel Blessings
Maha Very Big, Gazelle
Naraka Hell
Niran Marshes, Eternal
Pan God of Flocks, Mister, Lord, Herdsman
Panit Admired
Pichai Older Brother
Pra River, Ganga
Praman Horse, Standard
Pramod Happy, Growth, Happiness, Lord Ganesha
Pranai Love
Pravara Excellent, Eminent
Pravat History, Morning
Prem Love, Bonding, Compassion
Rachan The Great King
Sajja Adorned, Equipped
Samyan Smile, According to Time
Sarit River
Savit The Sun, Sweet, Sun
Seri Correct
Suchin Beautiful Thought
Sukhon Pleasant smell
Sumrit Prayer, Repetition
Surat Of Awakened Consciousness
Surin Wisest Amongst the Wise, Wise

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