Teutonic Baby Names

786 Teutonic Baby names available with meaning. Browse all the 786 Teutonic Baby names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Teutonic Baby Names | 700+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Adal Precious, Nobel Boy
Adalbert Intelligent, Noble, Highborn, Brilliant Boy
Adalina Saint, Noble Kind, Small Winged One Girl
Adalric Highborn Ruler, Noble Rule Boy
Addie Son of Adam, Son of the Red Earth Boy
Addy Ardent, Son of Adam, Son of the Red Earth Boy
Adelard Brave Noble, Noble and Courageous Boy
Adelbert High-born, Brilliant, Intelligent, Noble Boy
Adele Nobility, Noble Kind, Soft, Sweet Girl
Adelicia Noble, Kind, Noble Sort Girl
Adelinda Noble, Sweet, Noble Serpent Girl
Adeline Noble, Nobility, Kind, Brightness, Sweet Girl
Adlar Eagle, Noble and Steadfast Boy
Adolf Noble Majesty Wolf Boy
Adolph Noble Wolf Boy
Adolphine Noble Wolf, Female Version of Adolph Girl
Adolphus Noble Wolf Boy
Aimeric Hardworking Ruler, Home Ruler Boy
Aimery Hard Working Ruler, Industrious Ruler Boy
Aimon House, Fearless Boy
Alajos Famous Holiness Boy
Alaois Famous Warrior Boy
Alard Resolute, Noble and Steadfast Boy
Alarica All Ruler Girl
Alberic Rules with Elf-wisdom Boy
Albern Noble Courage, Of Noble Valor Boy
Albert Noble and Bright, Highborn, Brilliant Boy
Alberte Intelligent, Famous Girl
Alcuin Noble Friend Boy
Aldo Old, Wise, Archaic, Noble Boy
Aldrich Old, Aged and Wise Ruler, Old Wise Leader Boy
Aldridge Old Leader, Sage, Noble Ruler Boy
Alfonsa Female Version of Alfonso Noble Girl
Alfonso Noble and Eager, Eager, Noble Boy
Alfred Wise Counsellor, Name of a King Boy
Alger Wearing a Moustache, Noble Spear Man Boy
Allard Brave, Highborn and Courageous Boy
Allison Son of the Highborn Boy
Allys Noble, Kind, Noble Humor Girl
Alonso Alfonso, Ready for Battle Boy

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