Swiss Baby Girl Names

161 Swiss Baby Girl names available with meaning. Browse all the 161 Swiss Baby Girl names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Swiss Baby Girl Names | 100+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Francesca Free, From France, Frenchwoman, Free One
Francoise Free One, Feminine of Francis, From France
Gabriella God Gives Strength, Heroine of God
Geneva Tribe Woman, Of the Race of Women
Giada Jade, Precious Green Stone
Giorgia Farmer, Similar to Georgia
Gustava Staff of the Gods, Meditation Staff
Haviva Precious
Helene Light, Torch
Ilaria Cheerful
Ingrid Fair, Meadow, Ing is Beautiful
Irene Peaceful, Palm Tree, A Piece
Isa God's Promise, Laughter, Salvation of God
Isabelle Consecrated to God, My God is Bountiful
Jacqueline Supplanter, Holder of the Heel
Janine Gift from God, Merciful
Jennifer White Wave, Fair One, Fair and Smooth Soft
Jessica Warrior, He Beholds, Rich, God's Grace
Joana Merciful, God's Gift
Jocelyne Playful
Josiane God will Increase
Julia Youthful, Soft Haired, Down-bearded Youth
Julie Youthful, Downy-bearded, Jove's Child
Justine Just, Fair, True, Righteous
Katia Pure, Form of Catherine
Kristina Follower of Christ, Anointed
Laetitia Joy, Gladness, Happy
Laure Laurel
Lisa Consecrated to God, Oath of God
Livia Olive Tree, Life, Ancient Roman Name
Lorella Little Laurel
Lydia Woman from Lydia, Noble Kind
Magali Peaceful Ruler, Pearl
Manon Bitterness, Diminutive Form of Marie
Manuela God is with us, The Lord is Among us
Margaret Pearl, Jewel, Name of a Saint
Maria Pleasure of Joy, Bitter, Sea of Bitterness
Marianne Bitter, Sea of Bitterness
Marie Sea of Bitterness, Form of Mary
Marielle Bitter, Diminutive of Maria, Bitterness

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