Swiss Baby Boy Names

308 Swiss Baby Boy names available with meaning. Browse all the 308 Swiss Baby Boy names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Swiss Baby Boy Names | 300+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Adrian Dark One, Rich
Albert Noble and Bright, Highborn, Brilliant
Alberto High-born, Brilliant, Nobly Famous
Albin White, Old English for Brilliant
Aldo Old, Wise, Archaic, Noble
Alessandro Defender of Man, Man's Defender
Alex Form of Alexander
Alexander Helper and Defender of Mankind
Alexandre French Form of Alexander
Alexis Defender of Mankind, Helper
Alfonso Noble and Eager, Eager, Noble
Alfred Wise Counsellor, Name of a King
Alois Famous Warrior
Andreas Brave, Of a Man, Warrior, Masculine, Manly
Andy Manly, Brave, Variant of Andrew
Anselm God-helmet, Protected by God
Antoine Inestimable, Highly Praiseworthy
Anton Priceless, Highly Praiseworthy, Invaluable
Antonio Highly Praiseworthy
Armando Of the Army, French Form of Herman
Arnaud The Eagle Rules
Arnold Eagle Power, Powerful as an Eagle
Augustin Form of Augustus, Revered, Exalted
Baptiste Baptizer
Bart From the Barley Farm, Place Name
Bastien Revered, From Sebaste
Benjamin Born of the Right Hand
Benoit Blessed
Bernard Brave as a Bear, Bear, Courageous, Strong
Bertrand Intelligent, Glorious Raven
Blaise Stammerer, Lisp, Stutter, One who Stammers
Bruce Woods, Brewer, From the Brushwood Thicket
Bryan Honourable, Form of Brian, Strength, Noble
Carlo Strong, Man, Strong and Masculine
Carlos Strong and Manly, Masculine
Cedric Battle Chieftain, War Leader, Chief
Charles Manly, Strong, Free Man, Full-grown, A Man
Chris Bearer of Christ or Anointed
Christophe With Christ Inside
Christopher Christ-bearer, To Carry, Bearer of Christ

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