Swahili Baby Names

411 Swahili Baby names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 411 Swahili Baby names to name your baby on 2022.

Swahili Baby Names | 400+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Aaron Exalted One, High Mountain, Light Bringer Boy
Abasi Stern Boy
Abdalla Servant of God Boy
Abdu Worshipper of God Boy
Abdul Knowledge, Servant of the Lord Boy
Abla Perfectly Formed, A Wild Rose Girl
Abubakar Noble Boy
Adam Red Earth, First Human Being Boy
Adhra Apology, Virgin Girl
Adila Equal, Just, Upright Girl
Adla Justice, Honest Girl
Adnan Name of God, Proper Name, Good Fortune Boy
Aesha Love, Woman, Life, Alive, Awake, Living Girl
Aeshah Woman, Life, Alive Girl
Afya Pure, Health, Strength Girl
Aharon Lofty, Exalted, High Mountain, Biblically Boy
Ahmed Leader, One who is Praise Worthy Boy
Aiesha Woman, Alive, She who Lives, Life, Lively Girl
Aieshah Woman, Life Girl
Aisha Living, Prosperous, Lively, Woman, Life Girl
Aisia Woman, Life, Lively, Perfect (Women) Girl
Ajia Quick, Fast, Unconquerable, Shakti Girl
Akbar Powerful, Greatest, Bigger, Honourable Boy
Akilah Intelligent, Logical Girl
Akili Intelligent, From Kikuyu, Cleverness, Wit Boy
Akram Excellent, More Generous-noble, Generous Boy
Ali God, Excellent, Noble, Sublime, Light, Lofty Boy
Amaad Support, Pillar, Post Boy
Amali Specialty, Profession, Truthful, Behavior Girl
Amar Forever, Long Life, Luck, Everlasting Boy
Ambar Sky Boy
Amini Reliable, Trustworthy, Rigid, Unalterable Boy
Amiri Leader, Officer, Prince, Commander, Colonel Boy
Amne Secure Girl
Aneesa Friendly, Of Good Company, Companion Girl
Anjly Light Girl
Anwar Devotee of God, Lustrous, Shiny, Brightest Boy
Anzala Girl
Arif Knowing, Knowledgeable, One who Knows, Wise Boy
Arifa Knowledgeable, Learned, Acquainted Girl

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