Cute Spiritual Baby Girl Names

108 Spiritual Baby Girl Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 108 Spiritual Baby Girl Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Like
Dia Lamp, Divine, Day, Candle, Light
Aaradhana Respectable, Worship, Prayer
Aarthi Worship, Gift for God
Aarti Form of Worship, Prayer, Worship to God
Aashtha Faith
Aasthika Faith
Aathmiya Spiritual
Aksha Soul, Gods blessing, A mosque
Akshada Cute, Rice, Gods blessings
Anchita Honoured, Worshipped, Honored
Angi One with Beautiful Body, Fire
Aradhan Worship, Prayer, Pooja (1)
Aradhna Worship
Aradya Worshipped, Holy, Prayer
Archana Prayer, Worship
Archita One who is Worshipped, A Ray of Light
Architha Offerd to God, One who is worshipped
Archna Prayer, Worship
Arti Prayer Ceremony, God Worship, Meaningful
Upasna Worship, Veneration, Sadhana
Bandna Prayer
Vaishanavi Worshipper of Lord Vishnu
Vandna Salutation, Adoration, Worship
Vinanti Prayer, Request, Humility
Bel Sacred Wood, Apple Tree
Vedangi A part of Vedas
Vedanshi The Scared Knowledge, Knower of Vedas
Vedanti Wisdom, Follower of the Vedas
Vedantika Knowing Vedas
Vedashri Beauty of the Vedas, Saraswati
Hirva One of the four Vedas, Blessing
Kerani Sacred bells
Heerva One of the four Vedas, Blessing
Deevena Blessing, Eye of God, Resembling a Goddess
Mehr Blessing
Minati Prayer
Tanashvi Blessing for Richness
Paawni Sacred
Parsha Pious
Pavni True, Pure, Holy, Honey, Lord Hanuman