Slovenia Baby Names

102 Slovenia Baby Names Available With Name Meaning. Browse All 102 Slovenia Baby Names And Choose The Perfect Name For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Alenka Bright One, Shining One Girls Name
Andreas Brave, Of a Man, Warrior, Masculine, Manly Boys Name
Anja Full of Grace, God is Gracious Girls Name
Anton Priceless, Highly Praiseworthy, Invaluable Boys Name
Bogdan Gift from God Boys Name
Bojan War, Battle Boys Name
Boris Warrior, Short, Wolf, Battle Boys Name
Ciril The Lord Boys Name
Damijan To Tame, Subdue Boys Name
Danica Morning Star, God is Mu Judge, Dream Girls Name
Darja Good Health, Maintain Well, Possess, Good Girls Name
Drago Dragon Boys Name
Emilija Rival, Emulating Girls Name
Erika Ever-powerful, Honorable Ruler Girls Name
Gaspar The Master of the Treasure, Treasurer Boys Name
Georgius Earth Worker, Farmer, Earth Boys Name
Gertruda From the Protected Farm Girls Name
Gregor Vigilant, Watchful Boys Name
Helena Light, Torch, Sun Ray, Corposant, Bright One Girls Name
Henrik Form of Henry, Ruler of the Home Boys Name
Hugo Bright Mind, Mind, Spirit, Form of Hugh Boys Name
Ignac Ardent, Burning Boys Name
Igor Son of the Famous One, Farmer, Protector Boys Name
Irena Peace Girls Name
Ivan Gift of God, God's Gracious Gift, Archer Boys Name
Ivana God is Gracious, Gracious Gift of God Girls Name
Ivanka Female Version of John Girls Name
Izak Laughter Boys Name
Jaka Young Man Boys Name
Jakob He who Supplants, Holder of Heels Boys Name
Janka Gift from God, Female Version of John Girls Name
Janko Gift from God, The Lord is Gracious Boys Name
Jasna Beautiful Girls Name
Jera Year Girls Name
Johana God's Gracious Gift Girls Name
Johann God's Gracious Gift, The Lord is Gracious Boys Name
Josip Jehovah Increases Boys Name
Jozef Jehovah Increases, He will Enlarge Boys Name
Jozefa God will Increase, God will Add Girls Name
Julijana Youthful, Jove's Child Girls Name

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