Slavic Baby Girl Names

86 Slavic Baby Girl names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 86 Slavic Baby Girl names to name your baby on 2021.

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Name Meaning Like
Aleena Soft, Silk of Heaven, Beautiful
Alline Noble, Nobility, Light, Variant of Helen
Bozica Born at Christmas
Brynn Hill, Mount, Defender
Brynna Mount, Defender
Danica Morning Star, God is Mu Judge, Dream
Darina A Persian Royal Name, Gift
Duscha Divine Spirit
Evelina Hazelnut, Light, Desired, Life-giving
Fania Free, Feminine of Francis, From France
Feodora God's Gift, Gift of God
Helga Holy, Sacred, Faithful, Successful, Torch
Ilke Light, Flattering, Hardworking
Ivana God is Gracious, Gracious Gift of God
Ivanna Female Version of John
Jalena Light
Janna Paradise, Heaven, Flourishing
Julianna Youthful, Downy Bearded, Jove's Child
Karolina Carol, Free Woman, Tiny and Feminine
Katia Pure, Form of Catherine
Kisha Hbgg Favorite, Great Joy
Kristina Follower of Christ, Anointed
Lada Goddess of Love and Fertility, Girl, Maid
Lejla Beauty of the Night, Wine
Lena Light, Pledge, Bright One, Moonlight
Lina Alive, Pledge, Noble, Nobility, Light, Garden
LINAH Tender
Lonna Solitary, Oak Tree, Leona, Lioness
Lyuba Beloved of the People
Magda High Tower, Maiden
Marijke Bitter, Similar to Mary
Milena Precious, Favour, Grace, Glory
Milica Ruler, Industrious
Milka Industrious, Queen, Rival, Laborious
Misha Feminine of Michael, Like the Lord
Nadezhda Hope
Nadia Caller, Moist, Tender, Delicate, Hopeful
Nadine Hopeful, The Courage of a Bear
Natala Born on Christmas, Form of Natalie
Natalie Born on Christmas, Christ's Birthday

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