Slavic Baby Names

155 Slavic Baby names available with name meaning. Browse all 155 Slavic Baby names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Aleena Soft, Silk of Heaven, Beautiful Girl
Alline Noble, Nobility, Light, Variant of Helen Girl
Anatol Easterner, From the East, Dawn, Daybreak Boy
Andrei Masculine, Brave, Man, Warrior Boy
Anton Priceless, Highly Praiseworthy, Invaluable Boy
Arron Lofty, Exalted, High Mountain, Similar to Boy
Bela White, Within, Intelligent, Destruction Boy
Boguslaw God's Glory, Glory from God Boy
Bohuslav God's Glory Boy
Boris Warrior, Short, Wolf, Battle Boy
Borris Warrior Boy
Borys Warrior, To Fight, Battle Glory, Fighter Boy
Bozica Born at Christmas Girl
Bronislaw Glorious Armor, Protective Shield Boy
Brynn Hill, Mount, Defender Girl
Brynna Mount, Defender Girl
Casimir Peacemaker, From a Polish Word Boy
Cestmir Fortress Boy
Cezar Hairy, Head of Hair, Long-haired Boy
Conrad Experienced Adviser, Honest Adviser, Brave Boy
Danica Morning Star, God is Mu Judge, Dream Girl
Darina A Persian Royal Name, Gift Girl
Dimitri God of the Harvest, Follower of Demeter Boy
Dimitrios Earth-lover, Follower of Demeter Boy
Dmitri Lover of the Earth, Form of Demitrius Boy
Donat Given, Gift of God Boy
Dusan Soul, Spirit Boy
Duscha Divine Spirit Girl
Edin Belief Boy
Evelina Hazelnut, Light, Desired, Life-giving Girl
Fadey Bold, Brave, Courageous Boy
Fania Free, Feminine of Francis, From France Girl
Feodora God's Gift, Gift of God Girl
Florian Flowery, Flourishing Boy
Gaidar Boy/Girl
Helga Holy, Sacred, Faithful, Successful, Torch Girl
Ilke Light, Flattering, Hardworking Girl
Ivana God is Gracious, Gracious Gift of God Girl
Ivanhoe Boy
Ivanna Female Version of John Girl

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