Sindhi Baby names starting with 'W'

Sindhi Baby names starting with W - 31 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Sindhi Baby names starting with 'W' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Wafiq Successful, Triumphant Boy
Wahb Gift, Inherent, Giving Donation, Grant Boy
Wahban Donation, Grant, Gift, Inherent, Giving Boy
Waheed Unique, Single, Exclusively, Unequalled Boy
Wahib Donor, Another Name for the God Boy
Wahibah Giver, Donor, One who gives Girl
Wahid Singular, Unique, Alone, Exclusively Boy
Wahidah Unique, Singular, Sole, Exclusive Girl
Waiz The Deliverer, Admonisher, Preacher Boy
Wajeeh Notable, Eminent, Commanding Personality Boy
Wajid Inventor, One who Perceives, Finds Boy
Wajih Notable, Eminent Boy
Wajihah Eminent, Distinguished Girl
Wakeel Representative, Agent Boy
Wakeelah Agent Girl
Wali Protector, Governor, Lord, Friend of God Boy
Waliyah Princess, Friend Girl
Waqar Respect, Dignity, Sobriety, Majesty Boy
Wardah Rose Girl
Waseemah Comely Girl
Wasna Narrator of Hadith Girl
Widad Love, Friendship, Lovable Girl
Wijdan Ecstasy, Sentiment Girl
Wadi Calm, Peaceful Boy
Wail Returner Boy
Wafa Faithfulness, Loyalty Girl
Wakalat Agency, Advocacy Boy
Wahabah Poetess Girl
Walihah Name of a Poetess Girl
Wasifah One who Describes Girl
Waseefah Maid-in-waiting, Female Servant Girl

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