Sindhi Baby names starting with 'N'

Sindhi Baby names starting with N - 174 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Sindhi Baby names starting with 'N' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Nabah Nobel High, Sky, Nobel high, No limit Girl
Nabhan Noble, Outstanding, Alert Boy
Nabhanya Celestial Girl
Nabhitha Fearless Girl
Nabil Noble, Generous, Another Name for God Boy
Nadeem Friend, Companion, Confidant, Repentant Boy
Nadhir Warner Boy
Nadim Friend, Companion Boy
Naeem Comfort, Ease, Tranquil, Benevolent Boy
Naeema Blessing, Living an Enjoyable Life Girl
Nafasat Refinement Boy
Nafeesa Princess, Precious Thing, Delicate, Gem Girl
Nafiah Profitable Girl
Nageenah Precious Stone Girl
Nagina Jewel, Gem, Pearl Girl
Nagma Diamond, Melodious Song, Beautiful, Geet Girl
Naija Daughter of wisdom Girl
Naim To Comfort, Ease, Tranquillity, Comfort Boy
Naima Belonging to One, Graceful, Comfort Girl
Nairiti Fairy, Apsara, Princess, Angel Girl
Naisha Special, Lovely flower Girl
Naishada Poetry Girl
Najaf Strong Boy
Najah Star, Success, Safety Girl
Najdah Bravery, Help, Courage, Succour Girl
Najeeb Of Noble Descent, Truthful, Real, Excellent Boy
Najeed Highland Boy
Naji Saved, Rescued, Close Friend, Survivor, Safe Boy
Najib Excellent, Noble, Intelligent Boy
Najidah Help, Assist, Succour Girl
Najih Successful, Prosperous Boy
Najiya Safe Girl
Najla Of Wide Eyes, Offspring Girl
Najma Star, Precious, Sorry, Moon, Beautiful Girl
Namana Bending Girl
Namdev Lord Vishnu, Poet, Saint, A Godly Person Boy
Namita Humble, Precious One, Kind-hearted Girl
Nandini Bestower of Joy, Goddess Durga, A Holy Cow Girl
Nandita Smile, Happy, Spread Love Girl
Nangai Cultured lady Girl

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