Shakespearean Baby Girl Names

47 Shakespearean Baby Girl names available with meaning. Browse all the 47 Shakespearean Baby Girl names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Shakespearean Baby Girl Names | 47 Names Available - NamesLook



Name Meaning Like
Adriana Dark and Rich, Woman from Hadria
Beatrice Blessed, Bringer of Joy
Cleopatra Queen, Father's Glory, Her Father's Renown
Constance Constancy, Steadfastness
Cordelia A Woman of Rare Honesty, Jewel of the Sea
Cressida Gold
Desdemona Misery, Unlucky, Wretchedness
Diana Divine, Window of Florence
Emilia Industrious, Friendly, Form of Emilie
Francisca Frenchwoman, Free, From France
Gertrude Strength of a Spear, Spear Hunter
Helen Torch, Sun Ray, Shining Light, Wicker, Reed
Helena Light, Torch, Sun Ray, Corposant, Bright One
Hermia Universal, Complete, Well Born, Stone
Hermione Well Born, Stone, Earthly, Universal
Imogen Innocent, Image of, Maiden, Last-born
Isabella Consecrated to God, God is My Oath
Jessica Warrior, He Beholds, Rich, God's Grace
Julia Youthful, Soft Haired, Down-bearded Youth
Juliet Youthful, Downy-bearded, Variant of Julia
Katharina Pure, Form of Katherine
Lavinia In Classical Mythology, Woman of Rome
Luciana Born in the First Hours of Light, Bright
Margaret Pearl, Jewel, Name of a Saint
Maria Pleasure of Joy, Bitter, Sea of Bitterness
Mariana Combination of Maria and Anna
Miranda Admirable, Wonderful
Nerissa Daughter of the Sea, Sea Nymph, Expectant
Octavia Sometimes Given to the Eighth-born Child
Olivia Olive Tree, Elf Army
Paulina Small, Little, Humble
Perdita The Lost
Phebe Pure, Brilliant, Shining One
Portia Hog, Pig, A Gift, Offering, Roman Clan Name
Rosalind Pretty Rose, Beautiful, Weak, Soft
Silvia Forest, From the Forest, Woodland, Maid
Timandra Daughter of Hero Tyndareus
Ursula Little Female Bear, Little bear
Valeria To be Strong
Viola Form of Violet, Violet Flower, Purple

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